Mojave Precious Metals (“MPM”) recently conducted a survey of all four Phase I exploration sites to monitor progress of its reclamation efforts. The purpose of the survey was to determine how many plants had sprouted since seeding the area in March.

Importantly, local, state, and federal regulations require detailed reclamation plans for all exploration activities, including the posting of a bond based on total estimated cost to ensure companies have no ability to simply walk away.

MPM is committed to restoring land used for exploration through appropriate reclamation measures, including reseeding disturbed areas, filling and capping holes, hand-shoveling soil cover, and more – all in accordance with Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) requirements and other applicable environmental regulations.

At the Dragonfly zones, MPM officials observed flowers and native grasses, such as the rayless daisy (Erigeron aphanactis), galleta grass (Hilaria rigida), and needle and thread grass (Hesperostipa comata). At the Newmont zones, various small flowers were observed on the exploration sites.

The seed mixture used by MPM was previously approved by a BLM biologist.  Plants appearing at the reclamation area include both reseeded species and naturally occurring revegetation.

It should also be noted that there were a significant number of footprints at each site that were not present when the initial seeding occurred, nor were they from MPM officials.  It is unclear what impact the increased foot traffic may have on the ability of new growth to occur.

MPM is continuing to monitor the excess foot traffic and its impact on revegetation efforts. If necessary, the sites may need to be temporarily flagged or have signage placed to protect and encourage new growth.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about exploration is the false notion that nothing can or will be done to restore a site once the work has concluded,” said Katie VonSydow, MPM field geologist, “As demonstrated by our ongoing reclamation efforts, that is simply not true.”

Mojave Precious Metals is engaged in mineral exploration in Inyo County – a region with a rich and long mining history that dates to the 1800’s. MPM is proud to be a part of the community, invest in Inyo County and support its people and institutions in a responsible and respectful manner. 

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