Eastern California Museum receives a slice of history

Members of the Inyo County Road crew who helped bring a huge slab of the Roosevelt Tree to the Eastern California Museum included, standing, from left, Herb Dyer, Dale Renfro, and Norm Kane; kneeling, from left, Brandon Nelson and John Kinney.

The Eastern California Museum received its largest donation of the year so far last week when members of the Inyo County Road Department delivered a slab of the historic Roosevelt Tree that stood for more than 100 years at the intersection of U.S. 395 and State Route 168 East near Big Pine. At 14 inches thick and more than four feet in diameter, the substantial cross section required a backhoe to maneuver into place near the south entrance of the museum.

The Roosevelt Tree, a sequoia and not native to the area, was planted in 1913. Recently it had been deteriorating and last year it had to be cut down.

Museum staff would like to express its deep gratitude to Inyo County Road Department members Dale Renfro, Herb Dyer, Norm Kane, John Kinney, and Brandon Nelson for their hard work in transporting the slab, and also to the Big Pine Civic Club for their generosity in ensuring this piece of Owens Valley history is preserved.

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