County fish plant

Anglers this season could be hooking fish like this 10.2-pound trout through Inyo County’s efforts to augment area stocking efforts by the California Department and Wildlife and the Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce.

Some favorite fishing holes along U.S. Highway 395 should be extra enticing this season thanks to supplemental stocking events sponsored by the County of Inyo.

Throughout the 2022 fishing season, approximately 2,000 extra pounds of rainbow trout will be stocked in Owens Valley waters from Big Pine to Independence as part of the county’s ongoing efforts to supplement fish planting conducted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The plants can be considered icing on the cake offered up every year by the CDFW, which, according to CDFW Inyo-Mono Senior Hatchery Supervisor Matt Norris, has planted 28,000 pounds of trout in 31 waters for the 2022 Fishing Opener alone.

Inyo County will spend approximately $10,000 to purchase the trout from the private, artesian-fed rearing ponds at Desert Springs Trout Farm of Summer Lake, Oregon, which specializes in the SUStainable rearing of trout ranging in size from 1/3 of a pound to trophy-size 3- to 6-pounders or larger. (The county is not allowed per state regulations to purchase fish from any private hatchery currently operating within California.)

For more on this story, see the April 30 edition of The Inyo Register.

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