The Bishop City Council at its regular meeting Monday adopted of an ordinance titled “Marijuana Cultivation and Marijuana Related Businesses.”

The measure passed, 4-1, with council member Karen Kong voting against the ordinance.

According to state law, the city of Bishop can develop regulations to allow for cannabis businesses including dispensaries, commercial cultivation, manufacturing and testing of cannabis products and delivery within its city limits.

At the direction of city council, following several opportunities for public input, staff developed an ordinance that would permit certain cannabis businesses within city limits.

The ordinance only permits storefront and delivery dispensaries, but it contains regulations that would apply to additional types of commercial cannabis activity should the city elect to permit those as well.

The ordinance provides that cannabis businesses may not be located within 600 feet of any school or daycare, consistent with state law.

The ordinance creates application procedures for all potential cannabis-related businesses within city limits, which would require approval from the city council for each potential business after the applicant has met the minimum requirements, including:

• Certification from the city’s planning director that the proposed location is not within 600 feet of any school or daycare.

• Procurement of a cannabis business permit (must be renewed each 12 months).

• An approved development agreement with the city of Bishop.

Prior to commencing operations, the retailer must secure or provide:

• A city of Bishop Business License.

• Building permits and inspections.

• Certification from the planning director that the location meets the requirements of the Bishop municipal code.

• Demonstrated right to occupy and use property.

• Agreement indemnifying the city of Bishop against any losses, or violations of local, state or federal laws.

• Proof of adequate insurance.

• Payment of all costs and expenses to the city for processing permit approval.

The ordinance also places operating restrictions, security measures, records keeping requirements, and odor requirements on all potential cannabis businesses.

Operating requirements include: limitations on business hours (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.); restrictions on consumption onsite; requirements to track sales; disallowing any under 21 years age from the premises; background checks performed by the Bishop Police Department; and records maintenance of all assets and liabilities, owners and partners in the business, inventory, and cannabis providers.

The ordinance requires special city approval for any signage, and places requirements on the business to have signage indicating no onsite consumption at each entrance and exit. The security requirements would include cameras, secured storage, panic buttons, a professionally installed security system, “buzz-in” entry, licensed security personal onsite, and requirements that any bars installed on windows must be installed on the inside.

The ordinance would also require the business designate a point of contact for the city to meet with regarding any concerns, and requires the dispensary to notify the city within 24 hours if there are any discrepancies in inventory, theft or loss, or other signs of criminal activity.

The ordinance prohibits alcohol sales and alcohol consumption at the dispensary, and limits the amount of product that may be displayed to the amount reasonable anticipated to be sold on a daily basis.

The ordinance requires a community relations contact be available to all businesses and residences within 100 feet of a cannabis business, and that the representative provide quarterly updates on any concerns for the first year of operation.

The dispensary shall also provide contributions to health organizations or other qualified agencies to prepare education materials regarding the risks of youth abuse of cannabis and resources related to drug addiction, according to the proposed ordinance.

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