Throwback Thursday - The original catch-and-release program

Staff Writer

Mike Hunt roped this buck down by Big Pine, then discovered he couldn't shake it loose from its horns.
He called on his friends for help – no response, but a lot of laughing.
Finally Joaquin Sanchez came by and helped loosen the rope from the deer with a long bamboo pole.
Mike coiled up his rope and went home. Friends still laughing.

After three days without sleep or personal hygiene, Mike was
pretty ripe. His wife wouldn't let him in the house until he cleaned up.
A couple ofhis friends told him to get in the back of their pickup.
They took him to Bishop and made him walk through the car-wash in his skivvies. Took him home.
The last we heard – his wife let him in the house and threw his rope in the trash.

Connie Morris, contributer