Lee Vining rockfall safety project continues

Image courtesy Caltrans
Staff Writer

Construction and road delays will continue north of Lee Vining as Caltrans works to improve safety and minimize the risk of rockfall from six cut slopes near Mono Lake. According to Caltrans, the project includes a plant establishment program on all slopes to reduce erosion, establish healthy soil and promote successful revegetation. Anchored mesh will be installed on three of the six slopes for stability and to reduce rockfall.
Following is the project timeline as provided by Caltrans ...
· Slope #1 and slope #2 – work complete
· Slope #5
o Rock scaling is complete. Test anchors have been successfully drilled and tested. The anchors will hold the anchored mesh and cable mesh in place.
o Production anchor drilling is expected to be complete this week. In total, over 3,000 anchors are needed on the project. For the northern portion of this slope the anchor work is complete and erosion control work is in progress.
o Once all anchors have been drilled, erosion control work will begin in phases on the remaining slope, then the anchored mesh and cable netting will be installed.
· Slope #6
o The anchored mesh and cable netting has been placed.
o Workers are now tightening the fasteners and contouring the mesh and netting to the slope.
o The lower 8-10 feet will receive erosion control, then the mesh and netting will be fastened and contoured to this part of the slope.

Road Closures:
· 1-hour closures have not been scheduled. As soon as more specific information on these closures is available another project update will be distributed. 1-hour full closures will be from 6 am to 7 am.
· Delays during construction will mostly be standard up-to-20 minute delays with one-way reversing traffic control. The temporary signal uses detection technology to minimize delays.

Construction began May 4 and is planned to continue through fall 2015. Construction may also be required in spring/summer 2016.