County Ag Office seeks ‘unsolicited seeds’ from China

Register Staff
Staff Writer

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has become aware of a number of reports regarding “mysterious and unsolicited seeds from China.”
These seed packages are often labeled as jewelry, being shipped to homeowners throughout the U.S., including Inyo and Mono counties. CDFA is communicating with the United States Department of Agriculture to determine any necessary actions for shipments received in California.
While awaiting further guidance from CDFA, the Inyo and Mono counties Agriculture Department is instructing residents not to open, plant, or dispose of any unsolicited seed packets received, but to instead contact the local Agriculture Department.
There is concern that these seeds may be invasive species that could spread into the local agriculture-producing and wildland areas. According to Inyo and Mono Counties Agricultural Commissioner Nate Reade, “invasive plant species are a continual concern in our region because they threaten our local agriculture industry as well as our environment and native plant communities.” Invasive plant species, if allowed to proliferate, can also create significant costs associated with control and eradication.
Those who have received packages from China that were not ordered and that fit this description are encouraged to contact the Agriculture departments of Inyo and Mono counties to arrange to have them picked up so that they can be safely transferred to the appropriate agency at a later date.
If residents have planted any of these seeds, contact the department so officials can discuss how best to isolate and remove the planting.
For more information contact the Inyo and Mono County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office at (760) 873-7860 or