Capsized boat at Crowley

Staff Writer

On Saturday, May 2, at approximately 2:45 p.m., Mono County Sheriff’s Office Boat Patrol received a call regarding a capsized boat near Sandy Point on Crowley Lake, according to a press release.
Four fishermen from Southern California rented a fishing boat for a day of fishing on Crowley Lake. One of the men onboard stood up while the boat was anchored, and slipped to one side causing the boat to flip over. A pontoon boat in the area saw the fishermen in the water, holding on to the bottom of their boat to stay above water, and brought them aboard their vessel to await assistance. They called the Crowley Lake Marina who then alerted Mono County Sheriff’s Office Boat Patrol of the incident.
Boat Patrol and Crowley Lake Marina staff arrived and were able to turn the boat upright and safely bring it back to the marina. The fishermen were transferred to the MCSO boat, cold and wet but otherwise uninjured.