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Broncos make short work of Rosamond Roadrunners

November 11, 2010

Aaron Puls scored three touchdowns for the Broncos Friday night. Photo by Greg Lippincott

The Rosamond Road-runners didn’t live up to their mascot’s reputation Friday night at Schwab Field. The Bishop Broncos, in the role of Wile E. Coyote, dropped crate-loads of dynamite on their little heads. There was no triumphant “beep beep” to be heard, all night.
The Broncos won 44-0, stayed unbeaten in league play and added one more game to the win column.
Coach Bill Egan’s key to winning this game was to stop the Roadrunners’ running game, Tyrell Jackson. “He’s a good player,” Egan said of Jackson. “But he got no yardage in the first half of the game.” Jackson did a little better in the third and fourth quarters against Bishop’s bench, but never saw the end zone.
“We played well,” said Egan, who now can look to the Thursday evening match-up with Desert, also unbeaten in league play after a 24-7 win over Kern Valley. “This will be a very good game,” he said. “This is for all the marbles.
“Desert’s line is huge,” he said, “they’re gigantic.”
In fact, the Scorpion line averages just under 250 lbs.The Broncos will be facing a ton of Scorpions.
“This will be a test for us to match Desert. They not only have size, they have speed. We have to play smart and play with intensity. I have a lot of confidence that we’ll be able to do that.”
Smart and intense is an apt description of the opening round against the Roadrunners. The Broncos started the first quarter on their own 34-yardline, marched quickly to Rosamond’s 20 with runs by Kyle Goin and Kiko Gonzalez. From the 20, quarterback Chance Callahan handed off to Aaron Puls who went straight up the middle into the end zone. With the point-after, the score in the opening minutes of the game was 7-0.
Cody Rigney kicked a grounder, starting the Roadrunners’ first possession deep in their own territory. With just a two-yard gain in three downs, then a facemask penalty that pushed them inside their own 10, Rosamond was forced to punt what can only be described as a pop-up kick. Jaime Ruelas called for a fair catch on the Roadrunners’ 30-yardline.
The Broncos took advantage of the field position, overcoming a high snap to Gonzalez, in as QB, that lost the Broncos 11 yards. At 4th and 2, Callahan handed the ball off to Gonzalez on a sweep play that ended in a score of 14-0.
The Roadrunners’ night went from bad to worse. Starting on their 14-yard line, Steve Orihuela tackled the runner for a 5-yard loss; a false start penalty pushed Rosamond back another five yards; Puls took out the runner for another three-yard loss. Taking the snap in the Broncos’ end zone, the Roadrunners’ quarterback completed a short pass but Qwina West knocked the receiver off his feet in the end zone for a safety. Score: 16-0.
Rosamond penetrated Broncos territory on a Jackson interception and runback to just past mid-field. With the defensive strength of Puls, Thumpsa Shoshone and Alec Simpson, the brief possession ended with a punt at 4th and 12. At the end of the first quarter, Puls broke tackle and finished his 30-yard run at the five.
The first play of the second quarter was a 5-yard dash by Gonzalez into the end zone. Score: 23-0.
The next Roadrunners possession read like the Broncos defense’s greatest hits. Schain Thomson stopped the run after a six-yard gain; Shoshone hit Jackson at the line of scrimmage; pressure from Simpson forced an incomplete pass; Rosamond punted.
The Broncos picked up where they left off, in Rosamond territory. In as quarterback, Kiko hung onto the ball, headed for the sidelines and straight into the end zone. Score: 30-0.
Rosamond must have felt a near-fatal case of déjà vu, with the same result as their last possession, just different players. This time Ruelas and Matt Doonan joined Thomson to force a punt at 4th and 20. Callahan caught the punt and ran it back to the Roadrunners’ 10, escorted on the run by a bevy of blockers. QB Gonzalez handed the ball off to Puls who went in for his second TD of the night. Score: 37-0, and still more than seven minutes left in the half.
The Roadrunners saw a few glimmers of hope. Harold Harris intercepted a Broncos pass and Jackson gained 30 yards on a run to put Rosamond past mid-field. The glimmer faded as Shoshone wreaked havoc on the Roadrunners’ offensive line and West intercepted a Roadrunners pass to end their hopes and the half.
With the lopsided score, the decision was made to let the clock run for the fourth quarter except for team time-outs or injuries.
Highlights from the second half: Puls scored the seventh and final Broncos TD trotting into the end zone from the 2-yard line untouched.
Geraldo Castillo intercepted a Roadrunners pass.
Simpson and brother Curran sacked the Roadrunners’ quarterback.
The clock ran out. On to the final game of league play: the Desert Scorpions.
The Broncos have scored more than twice as many points as the Scorpions with less than half the points scored against them. But, Egan doesn’t believe stats necessarily predict the outcome of any game. He’s relying on “smart” and “intense” play to win the league championship for the Broncos.

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