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Local youth elect Jerry Brown in straw vote

November 2, 2010

Jerry Brown

The future leaders and decision-makers of Inyo and Mono counties – high school students – voted in a mock election on Thursday. The exercise is a way to introduce the soon-to-be voters to the process and for the local electorate to hear and see what the local youth have to say on matters.
Students of all grades, but mostly seniors, voted on four ballot measures, the California gubernatorial race and the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Barbara Boxer.  
Of the 522 students who cast mock ballots, the majority voted in favor of Jerry Brown for governor, Proposition 21 which would add an $18 surcharge to vehicle registration to support state parks and Prop 19, which would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana.
The students were split on the senate race with Carly Fiorina and Boxer garnering equal support, as did Prop 25, which would change the voting requirements for legislators to pass a balanced budget from a two-thirds to a majority vote.
The students shot down Prop 23 that would suspend current air pollution laws.
Inyo County Superintendent of Schools Terry McAteer said Monday that the mock vote is a way to let the local electorate and community what the youth have to say.
“What the youth of our community think is very important,” McAteer said, adding that the mock vote is way to start conversations  between teens, adults and voters.
McAteer said the other important part of this exercise is to introduce the process to the students – how to fill in the ballots with a pencil, etc.
“When you teach someone how it works, it takes away some of the scariness,” McAteer said.
He said the other learning tool will be when the real election results are in. He said this should create more conversation, as to how the process is finalized and what the next steps for the propositions or politicians will be.
The 522 high school votes break down as follows:
• Jerry Brown (D) 174 votes, or 35.6%
• Meg Whitman (R) 134 votes, or 27.4 %
• Carlos Alvarez (PF) 83 votes, or 17%
• Chelene Nightingale (I) 36 votes, or 7.4%
• Laura Wells (G) and Dale F. Ogden (L) both had 31 votes each, or 6.3%
• Carly Fiorina (R) and Barbara Boxer (D), both received 158 votes, or 32.3%
• Marsha Feinland (PF) 62 votes, or 13%
• Duane Roberts (G) 40 votes, or 8.2%
• Edward Noonan (I) 32 votes, or 6.5%
• Gail K. Lightfoot (L) 28 votes, or 5.7%
Prop 19 – Yes: 322, 61.8%             No: 199, 38.2%
Prop 21 – Yes: 257, 51% No: 246, 49%
Prop 23 – Yes: 221, 44.5 % No: 276, or 55.5%
Prop 25 – Yes: 243, 49.2% No: 251, or 50.8%

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