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Bishop teen helps prevent school shooting

August 29, 2014

Local police are crediting a 14-year-old Bishop boy with possibly preventing a school shooting in Colorado.
According to press release from Bishop Police Department, the local teen was playing Xbox online – which allows people all over the world to text or chat back and forth – when he became aware of the possible threat.
Another youth from Colorado reportedly sent messages to the Bishop boy on Wednesday afternoon indicating he was distraught over a breakup with his girlfriend. He made statements that “he was planning to take his father’s 9mm gun to school the next day and target his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend and then commit suicide,” the press release states.
The Bishop boy immediately notified the PD, where Officer Jared Waasdorp began looking into the matter. Waasdorp was apparently able to ascertain the other boy was from Colorado and from there, contacted law enforcement in that state, including the Colorado Cyber Crimes Task Force. He also contacted Microsoft Corporation and began the process to obtain the boy’s identity and location.
Armed with information from the Cyber Crimes Task Force and Microsoft, Waasdorp found both the boy’s identity and location.
The PD is not releasing any more information at this time, as the case is still in the investigative stages.

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