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Series of radio plays debuts Sunday

June 11, 2014

Foley artists Jude Greenburgh and Drew Wickman at the IOU Theatre’s June 10 tech rehearsal at the Double L in Lone Pine. The duo are just two of several local residents lending their talents to the June 15 production of the radio play, “Men Against the Mountain.” Photo courtesy Metabolic Studio

Metabolic Studio is continuing its efforts to add to the life force and quality of life in the Owens Valley – a conscious response to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s continual taking from the valley via groundwater export.
And this time, the L.A.-based collection of artists and activists has its sights set on entertaining the masses with a look back at local history.
More specifically – after helping to establish community gardens, provide summer jobs for local teens and bring worldwide attention to the L.A. Aqueduct and the role of the mule in building the engineering marvel – Metabolic Studio is preparing to host radio plays in Southern Inyo, once a month through September.
Metabolic Studio and the Metabolic Studio IOU Garden have teamed to present the IOU Theatre, a brand-new endeavor utilizing local talent from Darwin to Bishop.
The theatre debuts this weekend with a live reading of “Man Against the Mountain” (1947) at 7 p.m. Sunday at the Double L Bar in Lone Pine.
The play tells the story of how the Lone Pine community funded and built the Mount Whitney trail and observatory in time for the passing of Halley’s comet on April 20, 1910. Vocal and musical talents are provided by residents Jesse Steele, Jeannie Smith, Julie Fought, Jim Shallcross, Jon Klusmire, Manuel Ruiz, Deborah Levin, Drew Wickman, Jude Greenburgh, Sandy Langley, Jayson Lozier, Victor Silvas and Sandy Anderson.
The radio play reading is free and open to the public – but audience members must be 21 and older to enter the Double L. The performance will also be broadcast live at the IOU Garden next door and at An open house at the garden will take place from 5-7 p.m.
A different radio play with relevance to the Owens Valley will be performed each month and broadcast live in the garden and on the Internet.
There will be an open house in the IOU Garden from 5-7 p.m. prior to each performance. A refreshment from the IOU Garden will be served inside the Double L Bar.
The Double L is located next door to the Metabolic Studio IOU Garden – corner of Main and Willow Streets in Lone Pine. The IOU Garden is a working garden and community commons that hosts weekly “Owens Dry Lake Bread” baking on Fridays, monthly conversations in the “100 Conversations About Water” series, special events focusing on community resiliency and the growing local food movement, and a local farmers market on alternating Fridays from 3-7 p.m. (The other farmers market location is at the Owens Valley Growers Cooperative in Independence.)
Metabolic Studio is the studio of Lauren Bon where she works with a team to explore and experiment, transforming resources into energy, actions and objects. Derived from the Greek word for change, “metabolism” is the process that maintains life, a press release explains.
The summer radio play series is the latest action taken by the Metabolic Studio, with the help of the IOU Garden, to enhance the quality of life in the Owens Valley.
“Since 1914 Los Angeles has been exporting water from the Owens Valley. Metabolic Studio has been working to transform resources into actions that support life in the Owens Valley,” Bon said. “The IOU Theatre joins the IOU Garden as a way to add additional culture to what’s on offer in the Owens Valley.” 
The IOU Theatre – with members from Bishop, Big Pine, Independence, Lone Pine and Darwin – will be performing one radio play a month, through September. Here’s a look at what’s in store:
• July DATE TBA, 7 p.m. – “One Hundred Yards Over the Rim” (1961) – The script from a Twilight Zone TV episode, which was originally filmed in Olancha dunes. A pioneer from a wagon train in 1847 sets off to find a cure for his ill son and stumbles into 1961 Olancha. Presented with permission from the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation.
• Sunday, Aug. 10, 7 p.m. – “Dust” (1961) – The script from a Twilight Zone TV episode whose title evokes the dust that blows from the Owens dry lake bed. In a small, western town, a desperate father begs for clemency as his son is slated to die for a fatal accident which killed a young girl. As the son’s final hour draws near, the father is approached by a salesman, who offers to sell him “magic dust” that will evoke the townsfolk’s sympathy. Presented with permission from the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation.
• Sunday, Sept. 16, 7 p.m. – “Death Valley Days” episode – TBA
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