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Nourishing the mind, body and soul

April 23, 2014

Ryan Stinett, Joe Almieda, Jason Park, Issac Reno and John Barow (l-r) are being led in warm-up exercises at the Red Eagle Karate Kenpo Kai dojo by Angie Flores. Karate instruction is one of several services offered by Qwina and Irma West at Healings, Mind, Body and Spirit. Photo by Liddy Butler

In today’s hi-tech, high-speed, hi-definition, fast food, instant gratification-seeking society, it is easy to see how one’s world can get out of balance and essential needs can fall by the wayside.
Qwina and Irma West believe that the ability to reach harmony and balance in our daily existence stems from a complete balancing of the body, mind and spirit.
“We look for wellness and health, collectively. That’s what we do. Hence the name, Healings, Mind, Body and Spirit,” Irma said, “and spirituality comes before everything else.”
The Wests believe they have found a way to combine their multi-faceted training and skills to help bring wellness, healing, harmony and balance to the community.
The couple expanded the Red Eagle Karate Kenpo Kai dojo on North Barlow Lane into Healings. Mind, Body and Spirit by converting a large storage room into a massage room, gift shop and bathroom.
Healings offers a variety of services: karate lessons for children and adults, massage therapy, aroma therapy, spiritual leadership and guidance, cardio kickboxing, yoga, weights and breathing exercises. The new gift shop carries Irma’s custommade gift baskets that cover a variety of occasions. She also carries Tibetan jewelry, aroma essentials, candles, crystals, quartz and a variety of other healing tools.
Beginning with the mind, the business offers guided meditations, spiritual counseling, and spiritual workshops, including one-on-one sessions, all of which the Wests believe will help the client reclaim balance and clarity in their thinking process.
Spiritually, the husband and wife team both have extensive studying under their belts with spiritual leaders of Native American and South American beliefs, learning the indigenous teachings and bringing them back to the community. “We both come from a background of old traditional healing ways,” Irma said, “taught by our elders, medicine teachers and grandmothers.”
She said that she started learning healing from her grandmother as a young girl in Puerto Rico. “People come here for many reasons and we try our best to help those in need of healing. We also host spiritual advisors and healers from all over: Canada, South America and Central America, Mexico and throughout the United States,” Irma said.
She said the couple consistently goes to classes to keep up with new trends in herbs, new products, retail and healing massage modalities. “We visit often with our spiritual leaders in order to share knowledge with clients and customers and give them a mixture of traditional and new wisdom and healing techniques.”
Qwina, a seventh degree master (Karate) instructor, with more than 30 years of experience in Martial Arts, is also the Tribal Language Coordinator for Inyo, Mono and Kern counties. He most recently developed the tribes’ orthography, which is a standardized system used to write a particular language, including elements such as rules of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, hyphenation, etc.
As a spiritual leader, advisor and healer, Qwina also hosts spiritual workshops, is a sweat leader and an herbalist.
The body healing services offered to clients are therapeutic and Tribal fusion holistic massages. Irma has been a healer for more than 38 years, during which time she became a certified massage and aroma therapist. “By offering such things as Chinese cupping, body mud wraps, hot stone therapy, deep tissue massage, trigger-point restorative massage, prenatal and reflexology treatments, and chair massage, we can help relieve some of the pain caused by ailments such as fibromyalgia and scoliosis.” she said.
Irma is also certified as a cardio kick-boxing instructor and teaches classes several times during the year. The couple is also planning a Filipino Fighting Stick workshop this summer with Grand Master Bandalaw.

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