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Gertrude Virginia Moore

April 17, 2014

Gertrude Virginia Moore

Gertrude Virginia Larson Moore was one of eight children born to two Swedes: Gerda and Carl Larson in Holdrege, Neb. She was the last surviving of those seven girls and one boy.
Gertrude lived by three main guideposts in her life: her faith and her love and devotion to her family and education. Love led her to marry a Presbyterian named Kenneth D. Moore from Kearney, Neb. Ruth 1: 15-17 was read at their wedding and became the paradigm of their marriage, especially the “Where you go I will go.” At the beginning of their marriage they both taught school, he music and she fourth, fifth and sixth grades in small Nebraska towns Walthill, Imperial and Scotia. The Lord may have led him “to jump from the frying pan into the fire” that is the fire of the ordained ministry. But it was Gertrude who led him from the Presbyterian Church to the Methodist Church. That wilderness journey took them from Holyoke, Colo.; to Lafayette, Colo.; to Yuma, Colo.; to Douglasm Wyo.; to Hay Springs, Neb.; to the godforsaken (hot as hell) place known as El Centro, (or The Center of what? one might ask) to Tucson, Ariz., to Burbank; to Pasadena; to Bishop; to Fillmore; to retirement at Baker Homes in Rowland Heights.
Gertrude lived in an era when she had to ask permission of the district superintendent to work. She continued to teach both public and private school, when the opportunity arose. She also made it her practice to hold classes in each church to teach Paul’s letters. Gertrude was continually helping each church to confront the changes it must make. In Bishop, Gertrude lovingly told her preacher husband, “Well, this aging parsonage is simply not livable.” Like any good wife, she let her husband pastor inform the powers that be that a change needed to be made. They moved out of the parsonage. Her small effort helped to pave the way for the eventual demolition of that old parsonage; and on that site the new gymnasium, office, community center was built. It was her privilege to participate in the burning of the mortgage on the new center.
Gertrude has outlived Kenneth by 35 years. She reinvented herself through music singing in the Ennis Whaley Chorale, which she brought to, among other places, both the Big Pine Community United Methodist Church and the First UMC Bishop.
Gertrude and Kenneth were not able to have children of their own, but understanding fully Ephesian 1:5; they adopted two children: David C. Moore now of Big Pine and the Rev. Dr. Karen D. Moore of Big Pine. Once again Gertrude demonstrated the value of her faith and her love of family having worked through her own pain and disappointment when she adopted these two children. With all her heart she loved her two children, helping each of them to find the joy of life in abundance which God provides. Ken and Gertrude loved and guided David to be an accomplished musician and to completing his B.A. degree. Gertrude worked for Inyo-Mono Bank to help pay for Karen’s college education, and then let Karen live at Baker Homes, while she attended seminary. Proudly, Gertrude completed her B.A. from Cal-State Fullerton after Ken’s death.
In 2005, after the death of her last remaining sister, Gertrude chose to come to Big Pine, to be near to her children. She again reinvented herself as the preacher lady’s mother, commiserating with her preacher’s spouse son-in-law Stanley Clift. She was a member and friend to all those in the Big Pine Community United Methodist Church and to her loving caregiving friends: Reta and Linda. She went on several cruises, and was able to visit her grandson, David Kelly Moore and his wife Brenda in Tucson, Ariz. She found great joy and relief being with David and his wife Kiki for family events, hearing their stories and reveling in the sound of their laughter. Gertrude V. Moore was a sweet lady, loved by all; she now rests from her labors. Alleluia, Praise be to God for her life.
The service will be held at 1 p.m., Saturday, April 19 at the Big Pine Community United Methodist Church with refreshments to follow. Rev Dr. Cedrick Bridgeforth district superintendent presiding.

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