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Where does your drinking water come from?

November 5, 2013

The Inyo Register recently spoke with several Los Angeles residents, asking if they know where their water comes from. As it turns out, most do not know that the Owens Valley in the Eastern Sierra supplies L.A.'s drinking water. File photo

As 100 mules march from the Eastern Sierra to Los Angeles to raise awareness about where L.A.’s water comes from, The Inyo Register’s correspondent, Elizabeth Glazner, took to the streets to find out if L.A. residents are aware of their
relationship with the Eastern Sierra.

“It comes from two sources: the aqueduct that is stealing it from the Eastern Sierra, and also the Colorado River.”
– Stuart Hamilton, 63

“Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead. There may be other reservoirs around here too.”
– Joshua Kelley, 23

“From the Colorado River. Colorado has lots of snow. Or we recycle our water.”
– Eli Rivera, 42

“From the mountains. That’s what it says on bottled water.”
– Victor Escobedo, 20

“It comes from the Colorado River and the State Water Project, and the Imperial Irrigation District.”
– Rock Ashfield, 55

“I don’t think it comes from any place local. I think we import it from another part of the state or maybe out of state.”
– Michelle Seeley, 32

“It comes from the aqueduct that you see driving to Vegas that looks like a water slide. But only the tap water, not the water they water crops with. I think they recycle that or something.”
– Janet West, 61

“Most of Southern California water comes from Northern California.”
– Michael Leon, 20

“I don’t know. I have no idea.”
– Joshua Velo, 23

“It comes from the mountains way up in Northern California and they bring it all the way down here for us to drink.”
– Lenore Burnett, 70

“From the mountains."
– Carmen Torres, 39

“It comes from the mountains, but I’m not exactly sure where. I do know that we get it from somewhere else, that it isn’t local. That’s how we got Los Angeles in a desert.”
– Gina Fern, 46

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