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Teamwork lands Bishop a big win

October 16, 2013

Brooke Callahan gets airborne during last Tuesday's Bishop win over the Frazier Falcons.

In a game of five rapid sets, Bishop’s Lady Broncos volleyball squad fought hard against Frazier Mountain to earn the victory in the tie-breaker.
Though it’s still early in High Desert League action, the win over the Frazier Falcons was a near-necessity in the Broncos run for the league championship.
Game one was a reflection of the entire match. Neither team enjoyed more than a 3-point advantage through to the 23-25 win for the Falcons. For every points run from the Broncos, the Falcons answered with heavy fortification at the net.
It was anybody’s game through to the 23-25 final win for Frazier.
The first part of the second set mirrored the first; the Broncos and Falcons running neck and neck with neither managing to gain any significant lead. Frazier was the first to blink with Bishop pulling ahead, 14-12, and widening the point-gap in increments.
Though Frazier Mountain is a tough opponent, the Broncos played a much more dynamic and calculated game, characterized by great serves. The final score for the second set glows up on the board, 25 to 20 with Bishop at a 5-point advantage.
The first part of the third set played out in a similar pattern, with both teams playing fairly equally. This time, however, it was Frazier’s turn to take the lead and in quick succession gain a large advantage in points over the Broncos. Bishop struggled to score at all for a significant portion of the game and by the time they are communicating well again on the court, Frazier already had too great of a lead for Bishop to stop. Bishop falls 17-25.
Bishop’s determination and teamwork came roaring back in the fourth set. Again, the game was close as the first points go up on the scoreboard. Then the Broncos took off, racking up an impressive lead. At one point, they hold an 11-point advantage over Frazier with a score of 20 to 9.
The entire team plays as a unit and with impressive precision. In particular, Brianna Coakley and Jessica Borin, consistently were positioned well and played a huge role in slamming the ball back to the Falcons. The fourth set is a Bronco victory at 25-19.
The fifth tie-breaking set ramped up with neither team willing to give up a point, much less the match.
Frazier Mountain took the lead early and held a 2-point advantage for the first nerve-wracking portion of the set. The Broncos pulled together in the final points of the set and come away with a 15-10 win.
Bishop’s great team effort was highlighted by play from the Broncos’ captains, Callie Kruse, with an impressive serving streak, and Brooke Callahan, the kill queen of the match with a team-high of 12.
With a 10-game win streak and a 15-5 overall record, Bishop takes on the Kern Valley Broncs at home this afternoon at 5 p.m.
Callie Kruse: 10 kills, 1 ace, 1 block, 14 digs
Sammy Powell: 7 kills, 1 block, 12 digs
Staci Sonke: 5 kills, 2 blocks, 15 digs, 26 assists
Lora Terrasas: 28 digs
Brooke Callahan: 12 kills, 1 ace, 2 blocks, 25 digs, 9 assists
Brianna Coakley: 7 kills, 17 digs
Dana Wilcher: 2 kills, 1 assist
Jessica Borin: 3 kills, 2 blocks, 1 dig, 2 assists
Cierra Rossi: 2 digs

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