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Broncos start league tomorrow

October 16, 2013

The Bishop Broncos football team can clear the slate and start from scratch tomorrow night at Cal City. It’s the first High Desert League game of the season and Bishop’s 0-0. The team’s 2013 pre-league season has been a rough one.
The Broncos faced off against the Desert Scorpions last Friday night on the road in what certainly qualifies as the hardest-fought game of the year.
The Scorpions scored 2 touchdowns early in the first quarter as the Broncos struggled. But as the half-time clock ticked down, Dustin Waasdorp broke away from the action for a brief moment, before being tackled at the three-yard line, for a Broncos’ first down. Waasdorp then closed the short distance to the end zone and scored Bishop’s first points of the game.
The Scorpions, however, responded almost immediately with yet another touchdown, bringing the score to 22-6, with Bishop at a 16-point disadvantage. As the seconds tick down to halftime it appeared as if the score would hold.
The Broncos refused to go into the locker room with that points gap. Cameron White pulled off a take-away; quarterback Carl Olsen sprinted into the end zone from 22 yards out. The 2-point conversion was successful and the gap had closed to 22-14.
As the second half of the game begins, both teams bore down for what proved to be an epic struggle. Bishop scored the first points of the third quarter with Olsen breaking loose and scoring a touchdown from 23 yards out. The Scorpions, however, responded almost immediately with another touchdown, maintaining the point spread at 30-20.
At this point, Noah Stevens hit his stride with an impressive 55-yard touchdown run for the Broncos. Stevens followed up with his second TD of the game on a 9-yard run in the fourth quarter.
With 8:15 left in the game, Bishop had narrowed Desert’s lead to 2 points at 36-34. The Broncos, however, couldn’t seem to keep the momentum or to halt the aggressive Scorpion offense. In the final minutes of the game, the Scorpions widened the point-gap once again, scoring 2 more touchdowns and Bishop simply didn’t have the time to react.
The final score, 50-34, was a disappointing loss for the Broncos.
Coach Bill Egan, on the whole, was impressed with how hard the team fought, and although he was disappointed by the loss, the Broncos’ spirit brought him immense hope.
“It was such a close game, that every little tiny thing played a huge role.” Because of this, though the Broncos played hard and well, the few mistakes they did make cost them the win.
Egan is convinced that the team’s great effort is going to pay off in the coming weeks and Bishop will be seeing more Bronco victories. The Broncos start a two-game home stand tomorrow against the California City Ravens.

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