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Promo video hoped to reel in new biz

July 16, 2013

Director Brooke Nasser, producer and Bristlecone Media owner Ryan Christensen and cinematographer Tomas Arcio (l-r) are the film crew on Bishop’s first-ever promotional video. The filmmakers left an initial, July 9 planning meeting at City Hall with ideas for elements to incorporate into the film which will be presented at the next meeting scheduled for August. Photo by Marilyn Blake Philip

Initial plans have been solidified for the City of Bishop’s first promotional branding-concept video.
Details were hammered out at a July 9 planning meeting, where City Administrator Keith Caldwell facilitated discussions between citizens and film professionals.
“Attracting people to the area for potential business opportunities is our real focus,” Caldwell said. The five-minute introductory video and five, three-minute companion chapters – business, healthcare, real estate, schools and tourism – will promote the family and social quality of life here available in Bishop, he added.
Tuesday’s planning meeting was attended by business and community representatives: Northern Inyo Hospital Director of Community Development, Marketing and Grant Writing Angie Aukee, community members Chuck Kilpatrick and Cheryl Underhill, videographer Skandar Reid, Assistant to Inyo County Superintendent of Schools Kim Cash-Miller, State Farm Insurance agency owner James Ferrell and Bishop Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center representative Rachel Anderson.
The Bristlecone Media film crew was also present. Bristlecone Media co-owner Ryan Christensen, a University of Southern California alumni, will produce the video. He has contracted with two veteran Los Angeles-based filmmakers. Brooke Nasser, a fellow USC graduate with 10 years of experience with screenwriting, directing and documentaries, will direct. Tomas Arcio, the film’s cinematographer, is a 22-year veteran filmmaker with a fine arts degree who has done commercial photography and cinematography in 17 countries and on four continents.
Ideas for inclusion in the film project flew rapidly around the table in sound bites, building upon one another as the creative process unfolded. “I see our focus as showing who we are, what we have to offer, showing people that you can work in a place you want to live,” Caldwell said, and with Digital 395 in full swing, “you are just a click away from anything.” Aukee noted that some local entrepreneurs make a living online. Furthermore, Caldwell added, National Geographic named Bishop one of the top 50 adventure towns in the U.S.
The video’s other target audience is locals, to enlarge their view of the community and to encourage them to become more involved, Nasser said. “It’s a real town, not just a set design,” and the film will be designed to honestly, boldly and comprehensively get that message across.
Reid said that “when people drive through, they don’t realize how busy this city is … We’re not just a sleepy town.” Visitors and residents need “to see the life of Bishop expanding out from this video.”
The introductory segment will reveal an overview of Bishop-area businesses, services, lifestyles and surrounding natural beauty through a “day in the life” of one resident. Arcio suggested having narrative characters “hand off” Bishop’s story to other residents, ones with different lifestyles, in one chapter after the next. The concept could entice viewers to look forward to who and what the next character and story will be, Reid said.
“We have developed a structure and style, agreed upon by the group, to look at a day-in-the-life format for the introductory video to follow a person or persons from sunrise to sunset, touching on our schools, restaurants, businesses, medical facilities, reaction and potentially real estate,” Caldwell said.
The next city video planning meeting will probably be held in mid- to late August, Caldwell said, after the production crew completes the initial story-boarding and shooting and editing of footage shot in and around town, at the commencement of Tri-County Fair and the school year.

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