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Sheriff clarifies parking rules

July 12, 2013

Inyo County residents are permitted to leave their vehicle parked on local streets and roads for up to 10 days without any risk of citation. The Inyo County Board of Supervisors this week approved an amendment to the ordinance related to road-side parking to ensure that law enforcement can cite and even tow vehicles that have been parked for more than 10 days. Photo by Mike Gervais

Inyo County Sheriff Bill Lutze has asked for – and received – an amendment to the local vehicle code regulating long-term parking on county roads.
The amendment that the Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday means that local rules for parking vehicles on county and state highways will remain the same: vehicles left parked for more than 10 days can be towed away.
However, Lutze explained Tuesday that the county ordinance dealing with prolonged parking actually cited the wrong state vehicle code.
Tuesday’s amendment ensures that the county’s parking rules are enforceable if law enforcement is required to tow a vehicle.
According to Lutze, there has been some confusion among county residents regarding the vehicle code amendment. He said he has received phone calls from concerned residents who were under the impression that the amendment would limit parking on streets to 72 hours.
“That is not what we’re doing,” Lutze said. “The minimum time in the vehicle code is 72 hours, but the county has set it to 10 days.”
Lutze said that, upon noticing a vehicle that has not been moved in 10 days or more, law enforcement will make contact with the owner and request that the vehicle is relocated, “they’re not just going to come in and move cars,” he said.
The ordinance applies to cars and trucks as well as fifth-wheels and trailers.

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