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What's up, up there?

April 10, 2013

Inyo resident Andrea Pucci is encouraging residents to take a close look at the sky and do some research on airplane contrails (above). Pucci said the streaks in the sky may be attempts to manipulate the weather by spraying metallic particulates into the atmosphere. Photo by Andrea Pucci

Air quality is deteriorating in the Eastern Sierra, and for once, according to one local resident, dust blowing off Owens Lake is not to blame.
Andrea Pucci has been in contact with local air quality officials and county and city leaders, asking them to look at the sky and see if they notice anything strange, particularly hazing over the once-blue skies and sunlight after jet trails join, creating what looks like light cloud cover.
Pucci said that, over the past year-and-a-half, she has witnessed the Eastern Sierra’s clear skies growing increasingly hazy after airplanes leave a trail of what she suspects may be potentially harmful chemicals in the atmosphere above local communities.

(For the full article, see Thursday's edition of The Inyo Register.)

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