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Casino upgrades include new jobs

April 8, 2013

Bishop Paiute Tribal Chairman Chad Delgado (l) and Vice Chairman Bill Vega (r) join Paiute Palace Casino General Manager Bill McDonald in welcoming the public to come and enjoy the casino lounge’s new beer and wine service, appetizers and live music, all on the house in a new Las Vegas-style atmosphere. Photo by Terry Langdon

As part of their efforts to expand and modernize, the Paiute Palace Casino and the Bishop Paiute Tribal Council are adding new services, staff and amenities to accompany what they call an improved Las Vegas-style look.
Beer and wine is being served, as of March 22, in the casino lounge which was featured in Paiute Palace Casino’s unveiling of renovations in April 2012. Adult beverage service is the newest in an ever-expanding variety of amenities, many of which are on the house, that are being added to Paiute Palace Casino’s “already exciting gaming and dining venue,” Bishop Paiute Tribal Chairman Dale “Chad” Delago said.
To facilitate these new hospitality offerings, Paiute Palace Casino has brought 13 new lounge employees on board, clad in bright new uniforms, color-coordinated to the deep, brilliant hues featured in the casino’s overall 2012 make-over, General Manager Bill McDonald said. “We have hired bartenders, bar backs, cocktail waitresses and lounge security to cover all shifts (since) the lounge is open from 11 a.m.-1:30 a.m. daily. All have received customer service training as well.”
Three of the five new bartenders are women as are many of the other new employees, McDonald said. The 13 new positions are part-time and full-time, with the latter receiving benefits such as medical insurance and holiday pay, he added. As business expands, new employees will be added, McDonald said.
Because lounge employees will be serving customers beer and wine, McDonald explained that the workers have received state-required Alcoholic Beverage Control training from Paiute Palace Casino Security Director Lawrence Sharkey, Jr., who became a certified ABC trainer last year. And all casino employees receive the training, “even administration” personnel, McDonald said.
Adult beverage service has its inherent challenges, McDonald said, and “our goal is to recognize people who come in having had too much to drink.” They will not be served. And “we don’t serve people until they have had too much” to drink, either.
All personnel are trained to recognize and handle inebriated customers. Nonetheless, “as closely as we monitor it, it’s going to happen. We have an entertainment venue that is unique to the area with gaming, excellent food service. And now, we have the added amenity of adult beverage service. We value the right to do so and to protect our employees, our customers and the general public” by preventing and managing public intoxication, McDonald said. That includes a free-ride-home program for drinkers who don’t have a designated sober driver.
Paiute Palace Casino’s lounge will be offering more than adult beverages, though. As of Monday, April 29, free hors d’oeuvres will be served from 6-7 p.m. on Mondays – a rotating menu of familiar noshes that include “cocktail franks, chicken wings, nachos and chili cheese dogs, different items. (The menu) will always be fun,” McDonald said.
“Mid-week, we are planning to have a karaoke night. There will be live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights,” the general manager said. Local talent will perform on three weekends and there will be an out-of-town band, usually from Las Vegas, “as a rule, on the last of the month.”
Starting Mother’s Day, May 12, Paiute Palace Casino will serve a regular champagne brunch on Sundays.
Other future entertainment offers could include “King of the Cage” mixed-martial arts fights, concerts and car and motorcycle shows, Delgado said.
In fact, the Las Vegas-based, classic rock band, Radio Band, will be in concert at Paiute Palace Casino on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27 and admission will be free, McDonald said.
All of these changes and plans represent the completion of two of three overall casino renovation phases, McDonald said. First, Paiute Palace Casino made extensive interior and exterior renovations of the casino to make it “more like a Vegas property, with bright colors, new uniforms, customer service training. It’s a whole new look. Everyone really should come out and see the new casino.”
The second phase was the addition of the lounge and beer and wine service. Phase three of the renovation involves obtaining a full adult beverage service, McDonald said, so Paiute Palace Casino can serve cocktails and so forth. It’s a work in progress, that “will be coming soon,” he said.
“Most important,” Delgado said, “we will continue to offer superior customer service.”

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