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City Council narrows options for filling fifth seat

January 18, 2013

The Bishop City Council is currently considering how it will fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Jeff Griffiths (l) effective Dec. 31. Keith Glidewell (r), a November 2012 City Council candidate, expressed continued interest in the position at Monday’s City Council meeting. File photos

Local leaders are still trying to decide how to fill a vacancy on the Bishop City Council created by Jeff Griffiths’s resignation late last year.
Griffiths vacated his seat at the Dec. 10 meeting, the last one held in 2012, in order to take up his new position in January as the newly-elected Second District County Supervisor. There are approximately 21 months left of Griffiths’ council term, his second.
The City Council was scheduled to decide how to fill the vacancy earlier this week at its regularly scheduled meeting Monday, but chose to table the discussion until its next meeting on Monday, Jan. 28.
Under city and state law, the City Council has three options for filling the vacancy: hold a special election to allow constituents to decide who will serve out Griffiths’ term, which expires in November 2014; solicit applications from interested parties; or simply appoint an individual to serve out the term without any formal application or interview process.
Mayor Laura Smith said the City Council is hoping to avoid a special election and the additional costs associated with that, and has narrowed its choices down to a simple appointment or soliciting resumes from interested parties.
Smith said Thursday that the council is entertaining the idea of appointing Keith Glidewell, who came in fourth place in the November General Election, after councilmembers Pat Gardner, David Stottlemyre and Smith.
On Monday, Glidewell had told city leaders that he was still interested in serving, and asked that they keep him in mind as they move forward with the process of filling the vacancy.
“We’re still strongly looking at the two options, but either way, we hope to have someone on board in the very near future,” Smith said, adding that Monday’s City Council meeting was the first opportunity city leaders had to discuss filling the vacancy.

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