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D.A. closes three cases

December 19, 2012

Inyo County District Attorney Art Maillet

Inyo County District Attorney Art Maillet announced Monday what he calls successful resolutions to three different criminal cases, two of which involved the deaths of residents.
According to Maillet, Bishop resident Harlan Dewey, Jr., 41, pleaded no contest Dec. 7 to felony involuntary manslaughter in connection to the Jan. 13, 2011 death of Daniel Barlow.
Dewey will be sentenced Jan. 11, 2013. Maillet said Dewey is facing a maximum sentence of three years.
Maillet also said that on Dec. 14, Big Pine resident Jose Thomas Figueroa, 25, entered a no-contest plea to charges of “gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated,” stemming from an Aug. 11, 2012 single-vehicle rollover crash that claimed the life of Big Pine resident Thunder Medina, 32.
Figueroa, who also admitted to two prior driving-under-the-influence offenses, will be sentenced Jan. 11, 2013. Maillet said he will be sentenced to 10 years in prison, as per a plea agreement.
Maillet said his office made an effort to find a resolution in the case that would be “fair to everybody,” and was able to accomplish that goal by working with the victims while preparing their case.
“We consulted the mother, and she approved of the disposition,” Maillet said.
Finally, Maillet said that an Inyo County jury found Bishop resident Josephine Lijek guilty of several misdemeanors that occurred Oct. 24, 2010.
According to the press release issued by the D.A.’s Office, Lijek was found guilty on Dec. 13 of three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of brandishing a deadly weapon in a rude, angry and threatening manner and two counts of disturbing the peace.
Maillet said the charges stem from a dispute between Lijek and her neighbor and a separate incident involving a surveyor whom Maillet said was working legally on Lijek’s property.
He added that the “deadly weapons” referred to in the charges included a shovel and a vehicle.
Lijek is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 24, 2013.
Maillet said he feels that his office reached a successful resolution in each of the cases. “They’re different in the way they were resolved,” he said, adding that in each case his office prosecutes, “we have to take the totality of circumstances into consideration, what is fair to everybody. It is trying, at times, because you try to balance everything, but we think these were all appropriately handled.”

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