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Fishing Report

August 6, 2012

Lake Sabrina, where the weather and fish have been frisky through the week. Photo submitted

Lake Sabrina
Nice cool breezes, a bit of rain, hail, lightning and thunder-booms were experienced by the many anglers at the Lake over the week. Those cool breezes were needed over the first of the week as it was darn warm up here when the clouds weren’t around. We had almost a half an inch of rain in less than a half hour Saturday night – sure love watching the lightning!
Not sure how you could improve the fun of just fishing on Lake Sabrina except maybe by improving the catch from this past week. Fishing the inlets was best using nightcrawlers, PowerBait or jigs. Need to go a bit deeper (as it’s a smidgen warmer) for the bite on trolling. If you can get down a bit, trolling is better. Do this by using lead core line at five to six colors with flashers and a nightcrawler or needlefish (pick these up in town).
Drifting with a nightcrawler or PowerBait and shore fishing with PowerBait, nightcrawlers or a fly and a bubble in the small coves was what was working. If you’re not sure what to do or how to do it or where to do it, come into the building and ask.
Once again, California Department of Fish and Game stocked the lake on Thursday with another load of rainbows.
Bob Phillips of Arcadia knew what was working and where it was working. He landed a beaut of a ’bow – a 3.25-lb. rainbow with a nightcrawler back at the DingleBerry Inlet. He was helped along by Bill Larew and Gary Long.
Rob and Robbie Hays of Temecula also scored big at the DingleBerry Inlet with a 7-lb. stringer. This was their second stringer; the first stringer was so heavy it broke and they had to catch another. I see fish tacos in their future.
Daniel Fernandez of Carson caught a 3-lb. Alpers on a Shaun’s Smokin’ Jig (I think you can pick those up in town, too).
Well, this is the sixth week of working on the bridge and this week there was lots of progress. Just to recap: The first week, they roped off the North Lake hiker parking area at the North Lake road. The second week, a storage container and forklift were delivered to the roped-off area. For the third week, we couldn’t figure out what was done on the bridge. On the fourth week, nothing progressed as far as we can tell. On the fifth week, Rick talked with the project manager and apparently they needed a few more permits.
So the progress for the sixth week: we now have not one but two stoplights on the Lake Sabrina Road (we ask that you obey the lights or you may be backing up on the narrow road) with the installation of lots of K-rails to protect the bridge crew. The county also placed huge concrete blocks down in the creek bed.
We are assured the road will remain open during the season, so do not fret, you will be able to get to the lake.
Temperatures are on the rise in the high country with highs expected to be in the mid to upper 70s and lows in the upper 40s to lower 50s plus a chance of thunder storms starting today.
Don’t forget to pack a jacket when you come to the lake. If there’s a chance of thunder storms, don’t forget your ponchos.
Check and enter Aspendell, CA to get a fairly good hint at the weather or check in with Howard at
– Courtesy Lake Sabrina Boat Launch

South Lake
Despite mostly great weather this week, the bite slowed down a bit, especially over the weekend. Some folks did report excellent fishing while others had no luck at all, even by folks using the same baits. People were seeing plenty of fish at the dam and the Rock Slide but getting them to chew proved challenging for some.
The most consistent spot on the lake this week was the channel by the island which accounted for several of the big stringers and a few nice fish over three pounds as well. The back of the lake is getting really low and the fish are very skittish. We will likely have to restrict boat access to the back of the lake within the next week if the water continues to drop at the same rate it has. Big fish of the week was a 5-pounder.
The bait n’ wait folks did best on rainbow or garlic PowerBait fished three feet off the bottom or half a nightcrawler fished six feet under a bobber near shore.
Lure fishing was great for the few days following a DFG plant but slowed down considerably by the end of the week. Blue/silver spoons like Thomas Buoyants or KastMasters were working great for folks fishing from shore by the dam on Saturday. Red/gold Thomas and Tasmanian Devils also caught some fish.
No good trolling reports this week. Everyone had pretty tough luck on the troll regardless of their trolling depth.
Soft plastic baits like trout worms and mini-jigs are still accounting for a lot of fish with the baby brookie Sierra Slammer worms, pink/blue sparkle Sierra Slammer jigs, pearl Trout Traps and the grasshopper Berkley atomic tubes. The jig bite mid-day has been a bit tough but tipping the jigs with a mealworm entices more strikes when the hot August afternoon slows down the fishing.
The water level dropped a few feet on us this week making the rough shore launch to the left of the public ramp mostly inaccessible. For safety reasons we will be closing off access to that stretch of shore this week so unless we get a bunch of rain to bring the lake level up, last weekend was the last for private boaters at South Lake for the season. Folks with very small craft like kayaks and canoes that can be carried to the water are still welcome to do so but they’ll need to make use of the public launch only for loading and unloading.
South Lake Boat Landing plans to keep the fleet of aluminum boats and kayaks in the water through the end of the season. We may have to pull some pontoons out soon but we’re playing that by ear.

South Fork Bishop Creek
Fishing was excellent for most early in the week, especially those working the stream moving from pool to pool as opposed to just sitting in one spot for hours. Eggs, worms, PowerBait and jigs were all reported to be working on pan-sized rainbows with a few larger models to 14-inch mixed in.

Weir Pond
Still excellent early and late on dries, bead-head nymphs and streamers. Lots of wild browns and brookies mixed in with the DFG rainbows.
– Courtesy Parchers Resort

Convict Lake
Catch of the Week: Jessica Kelly from Newport Beach caught a stringer with a Thomas Buoyant at six colors by trolling. Greg Williams caught a 3-lb., 6-oz. fish with a frog needlefish at the Inlet.
Best Location to Fish: The best locations to fish right now are the South Shore, Inlet, Beach Area, Jetty, Lake, North Shore and Convict Creek.
Anglers have had most success with frog needlefish, Trout Magnet, Rooster Tail, red and gold Thomas Buoyant, garlic PowerBait, yellow PowerBait, worms, cheese worm, Trout Teaser, salmon eggs and Rainbow Nuggets.
Other Locations to Try: Windy Point (picnic area south shore), The Inlet, Hangman’s Tree, Outlet, Handicap Pier and Convict Creek.
Water Temperature: 58 degrees.
Weather: Temperatures are expected to continue to increase this week with highs in the mid to upper 80s and lows in the high 40s.
Bait: Pinched ’crawlers, gulp worms, nightcrawlers, Power Eggs, Power Worms, small spinners like Mepps and Panther Martins. Chunky Cheese PowerBait, Troll with Rapalas, needlefish, Thomas Buoyant.
Lures: Panther Martin, Thomas Buoyant, Phoebe, Little Wolfs, Cripplure
Trolling: Little Cleos, Dave Davis nightcrawler or lead core four-six colors, Rapalas, Rebels, pin Minnows
Flies: Marvel Fly, prince, hares ear, Lopper Johns, snt beetles
Convict Creek:
Flies: Strip Streamers
Bait: Eggs, nightcrawlers and Power Worms
– Courtesy Convict
Lake Resort

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