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Fishing report

July 2, 2012

Artin Minassi with a solid 4-pounder caught at South Lake. Photo submitted

South Lake
After the wind died down on June 25, action at South Lake returned to a wide open bite for most anglers with limits the rule. It was surprisingly quiet up at the lake until Thursday when folks started showing up in force to take advantage of the excellent fishing.
The Department of Fish and Game stocked some real quality rainbows this week making for some happy anglers and heavier than average stringers. Best fish of the week was a 5-lb., 8-oz. trophy caught by Mike Goodwin of Glendora on a nightcrawler.
Nightcrawlers seemed to be the best producer for the bait n’ wait folks this week but most brightly colored dough baits are working well too. PowerBait in garlic, salmon peach or the new Strike Bait in red were good producers.
With fishing as good as it is, bait dunkers should avoid catch and release of gut-hooked fish. The collection of floating dead fish at the dam is evidence of how unsporting this practice is. The fish may swim away but they’re pretty much done-for within a day or so.
The jig bite continues to be on fire with the pink/orange, pink/blue sparkle and grasshopper Sierra Slammer jigs doing best. Anglers reported wide open action jigging on the dam, the Rock Slide, at Roger’s Cove and in the channel to the east of the island. Anglers fishing 2- to 4-lb. test and working the jigs really slow are doing the best. In the afternoon when the breeze comes up, folks are doing well fishing jigs 5-feet or more under a bobber with a small piece of crawler or a mealworm on the jig. Yellow and pink trout worms fished on a size 8 or 10 hook with a size 7 split shot 18-inches above the worm are also working very well.
Thomas Buoyant and Kastmasters are also working (of course ), especially in the few days following DFG stockings.
Not a lot of trolling reports this week but the fish seem to still be up in the water column and despite the warm weather, haven’t gone deep yet so trolling spoons and Rapalas on top is still the suggested tactic.
The water level at South Lake dropped about two feet vertically this week leaving the launch ramp out of the water. Anglers with really good trailer skills can still get small boats in the water launching off the dirt but it’s sketchy at best and most private boaters are out of luck as of now. No word from Southern California Edison as to the latest projections for the lake level going into late July/August.
So. Fork Bishop Creek
Mixed reports from the creek this week with some finding wide open fishing and some folks scratching just a few fish here and there. Judging by how many yellow Panther Martin with red dots in the 1/16-oz. size we sold this week, they were definitely working well in the streams. The creek sections by Willow Campground, Surveyor’s Meadow and Table Mountain campground are all good places to try.

Intake II
Only a few reports came our way this week but those reports were all great, especially for bait fishing with PowerBait fished off the bottom with a 24- to 36-inch leader. Nothing of size reported but easy limits.

North Lake
Wide-open action on stocker rainbows reported for both lure and bait fishers this week.

Trail Report
If you’re looking to get into the backcountry, now is the time. Great weather, open trails, blooming wildflowers and epic scenery everywhere you look. The skeeters are definitely around so bring your DEET.
– Courtesy Parchers Resort

Convict Lake Resort
Catch of the Week: Tom Culberhouse from Santa Clarita caught a 2-lb., 12-oz. trout with worms at the Inlet. Frank Longoria matched that with a 2-lb, 12-oz. rainbow with worms on the North Shore. John Woods from La Quinta caught a 2-pounder with nightcrawlers. Andrea Alcaraz from Ramona caught a 3-lb., 6-oz. stringer of fish with worms at thecreek.
Best Location to Fish: The best locations to fish right now are the Inlet, North Shore, South Shore and Convict Creek.
This past week anglers have had most success with nightcrawlers, Thomas Buoyant, garlic PowerBait, worms, cheese worm, Trout Teaser, salmon eggs and Rainbow Nuggets.
Other Locations to Try: “Windy Point” (picnic area south shore), The Inlet, Hangman’s Tree, Outlet, Handicap Pier and Convict Creek.
Bait: Pinched Crawlers, Gulp Worms, Night Crawlers, Power Eggs, Power Worms, Small.
Spinners like Mepps and Panther Martins. Chunky Cheese PowerBait. Troll with Rapalas, Needlefish, Thomas Buoyants.
Lures: Panther Martin, Thomas Buoyant, Phoebe, Little Wolfs, Cripplure
Trolling: Little Cleos, Dave Davis nightcrawler or Lead Core 4-6 colors, Rapalas, Rebels and pin minnows
Flies: Marvel Fly, Prince, Hares Ear, Lopper Johns, Ant Beetles
Convict Creek: Flies: Strip Streamers
Bait: Eggs, Night Crawlers and Power Worms
Stocking: DFG stocked this week.
Water Temperature: 56 Degrees.
Weather: Perfect weather conditions are expected this week. Temperatures were in the mid-70s over the weekend. Warmer temperatures are expected for the later part of this week with highs in the upper 70’s to the low 80’s and lows in the low 40’s.
– Courtesy Convict Lake Resort

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