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Fishing report

June 25, 2012

Lake Sabrina Boat Launch survived a very windy weekend. Photo submitted

Lake Sabrina
It was the week of four-letter words – w-i-n-d, w-i-n-d, w-i-n-d – it just happened to be the same four-letter word. But you wouldn’t know it Saturday morning; they were lined up at the door, out they went and back they came with limits. All in all it was a pretty weekend at the lake.
Fishing this week was good with most of the fishing on the south end of the Lake due to the wind. The Inlets were working with nightcrawlers, Garlic PowerBait and jigs. There weren’t many trollers or drifters this week due to the wind. The shore anglers were getting out of the wind over in Jack’s Bay (the bay across from the building) or the north side of Cookey’s Point (come on in and we’ll tell you where it’s at), using nightcrawlers, Salmon Eggs and PowerBait.
The Department of Fish and Game stocked the Lake on Thursday.
The wild flowers are just starting to bloom. Soon we’ll have penstemons, fireweed, tiger lilies, mule ear’s, lupine and Indian paint brush dotting the landscape.
Those of you who have been up to the lake this year may have noticed the markings on the road and at the second bridge. Inyo County is going to straighten the road and replace the bridge. Construction is to begin this month. The bridge is to be approximately 80 feet long and wide enough for two cars with pedestrian walkways on both sides.
– Courtesy Lake Sabrina Boat Launch

South Lake
The week started out especially warm and beautiful and anglers fishing South Lake Monday through Thursday found plenty of very cooperative trout to keep them occupied. Easy limits were reported by many, especially boaters fishing the middle of the dam, Rock Slide or west shore. Good numbers were found at the back inlets as well but the bite was a little more sporadic back there with the back lake still a bit on the shallow side.
The bait and wait folks did excellent on inflated crawlers 36 inches above a sliding sinker or split shot, as well as PowerBait rigged the same. Some action on crawlers fished under a bobber for folks fishing either corner of the dam was reported as well.
Jig tossers are still hitting great numbers of fish, especially on grasshopper, pink/blue flake and orange/pink combo jigs. Tie the jigs directly to your 2- or 4-lb. line (no swivel) and retrieve very slowly for best results. When the wind picks up, jigs with a small piece of crawler fished six feet under a bobber tight in shore also produced a lot of nice stringers.
Folks who are tossing Thomas Buoyants and Kastmasters are also having some great luck, especially within a day or two of DFG stockings.
And then the wind came and pretty much blew out the weekend. Bummer.
The water level at South Lake has stabilized at a level allowing boats in the 12- to 14-foot range to launch without much difficulty. Larger boats have been out but getting them in and out has been challenging with the limited amount of ramp under water.

South Fork Bishop Creek
Many weekend anglers blown off of the stillwater fisheries took refuge on the creek and did quite well following a DFG plant on Friday, although fishing pressure overall was still very light due to the wind. That should be good news for those planning to fish the canyon next week. For the most part, 10- to 12-inch rainbows were easily fooled on jigs, spinners, salmon eggs and crawlers. The slower moving pools and deeper runs held the most fish but the folks that enjoy fishing the fast runs picked off a few fish as well.

Intake II
Steady albeit unspectacular fishing was experienced by most anglers fishing the Intake this week. Best spots were the dam, the west shore and the pipe at the far end of the lake. Fly anglers reported tons of fish breaking the surface in the evenings but little success on the dries.

North Lake
No reports from over the weekend but early in the week the fishing was reported to be white hot, especially on lures like Panther Martins, Roostertails and Thomas Buoyants. The bugs are starting to show pretty good in the mornings and evenings although the wind over the weekend no doubt knocked that down.

Trail Report
The trail conditions are excellent and with exception to a few patches of snow at the passes, all are snow-free. Not surprisingly the excellent early access has avid day-hikers, backcountry anglers and backpackers hitting the trails in force – a great thing to see after last year’s rough June conditions. The skeeters are here – bring your DEET.
– Courtesy Parchers Resort

Convict Lake
Catch of the Week: Aryan Kamali from La Crescenta caught a 4-lb., 4-oz. with a Thomas Buoyant. We also had Mike who caught a 21 inch, 4-lb. rainbow trout. Jake and Caycie Priske from Santa Clarita caught a stringer of fish with worms in the Inlet.
Best Location to Fish: The best locations to fish right now are the Dead Tree, South Shore, Inlet, North Shore, the Marina and Convict Creek.
Water Temperature: 54 degrees.
Weather: The weather for this next week will continue to be in the low 70’s over the weekend then warmer temperatures are expected for the later part of next week with highs in the upper 70s to the low 80s and lows in the low 40s. Here is a local site that is usually quite accurate
Tactics/Bait: Bait: pinched crawlers, Gulp worms, nightcrawlers, Power Eggs, Power Worms, small spinners like Mepps and Panther Martins, chunky cheese PowerBait, Troll with Rapalas, Needlefish, Thomas Buoyant.
Lures: Panther Martin, Thomas Buoyant, Phoebe, Little Wolfs, Cripplure.
Trolling: Little Cleos, Dave Davis Night Crawler or Lead Core 4-6 colors, Rapalas, Rebels, pin minnows.
Flies: Marvel Fly, Prince, hares ear, Lopper Johns, ant beetles.
Convict Creek: Flies: Strip Streamers. Bait: eggs, nightcrawlers, Power Worms.
Stocking: DFG stocked this week.
– Courtesy Convict Lake Resort

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