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Ultra Marathon results

June 13, 2012

Ceal Klingler enjoying the 50K run before resuming her duties as Aid station crew at Edison Loop. Photo by Davey McCoy

Two hundred seventy runners took a tour of the High Sierra, Saturday May 19, competing in the 19th Annual Bishop High Sierra Ultra-Marathon.
According to race director Marie Boyd, the run was “a most successful presentation” with no snow on the higher reaches of the course and perfect spring weather.
The runners competed in one of four endurance events: the 20-mile Fun Run, 50K, 50 miles or 100K (62 miles). Thirteen states and Canada were represented among the competitors.
Proceeds from the event benefit the Northern Inyo Hospital Foundation, with the total race donation now more than $115,000.
The new Healing Garden, under construction outside the new NIH building, has been partly funded by race proceeds.
The 20th Ultra-Marathon is already scheduled for May 18, 2013.
Boyd will be stepping down as director after the 2013 event. Efforts are being made to recruit a replacement Race Director for the 2014 race.
Top 10 Category Finishers
Jason Wara, 10:48:37
Angel Perez, 11:38:50
Sada Crawford, 11:41:58
Juan Sanchez, 11:45:12
Federico Sanchez, 11:48:32
Jaime Castaneda, 12:17:42
Aaron Flynn, 12:24:42
Gerardo Perez, 12:38:27
Jamie Frink, 12:46:57
Alan Barichievich, 12:46:57
Paul Sweeney, 8:34:28
Charles Corfield, 8:37:08
Phill Kiddoo, 8:41:41
Adam Behrendt, 9:03:38
Molly Zurn, 9:42:19
Chris Gaggia, 9:42:48
Kirk Kittell, 9:44:01
Mark Drake, 9:44:36
Chris Mead, 9:51:08
Casey Harney, 10:09:36
Shad Mickelberry, 4:49:11
Glenn Jobe, 5:12:47
Matt Koppenheffer, 5:14:35
Travis Cone, 5:22:44
William Pease, 5:30:02
Meredith Edwards, 5:31:23
Caroline Barichievich, 5:38:45
Patricia Moeller, 5:39:25
Stephen Ingram, 5:40:31
David Grah, 5:55:29
Julie Bryan, 2:48:25
Piotr Kaszkur, 2:56:39
Andy Leinicke, 2:59:13
Christina Hartman, 3:01:06
Preston Aro, 3:03:38
Steve Kukta, 3:04:43
Angela Brunson, 3:23:11
Paula Checchi, 3:25:30
Ceal Klinger, 3:26:24
Andy Selters, 3:39:39

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