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Meet the Congressional candidates

April 24, 2012

For the penultimate installment in The Inyo Register’s series of candidate statements, the men and women running for the open District 8 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives present their personal biographies, reasons for seeking election and respective platforms.
The field of candidates includes 13 hopefuls. The top two vote-getters in the June 5 Primary will advance to the Nov. 6 General Election for the chance to represent District 8 as a U.S. Congressman.
District 8 covers the Eastern Sierra and most of San Bernardino County – including Victorville and Apple Valley –  as well as Death Valley National Park and Mojave National Preserve.
Following are the candidates’ statements, which were restricted to a maximum of 800 words. They are being printed verbatim and in random order chosen by drawing.

Phil Liberatore

My name is Phil Liberatore. I’m a small business man, radio talk show host and, author of two books on money management and fiscal accountability. But without a doubt, my greatest pride and joy are my family; my wife, Dana, of thirty years, and my two grown daughters.
Together as a family, we have lived the American dream. After graduating from the University of Southern California, earning a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and an MBA in Finance, I worked for some of California’s most recognizable corporations in the area of finance, most notably, perhaps, the Disney Corporation.
Feeling the challenge of entrepreneurship, and the dreams and promises of small business ownership, I set out on my own and founded two successful companies; my own CPA firm, Philip L. Liberatore CPA, and a company that daily fights the over-reach of the IRS for my clients, IRS Problem Solvers, Inc. Combined with these two companies, I have offered professional assistance to regular American citizens who have grown frustrated and angry over the complexities of the IRS code. As a citizen accountant, I have learned first-hand the oppressive federal tax code, and I have some ideas on how to fix it.
There is perhaps one more thing the voters of the 8th Congressional District of California should know about me. I believe in the axiom that “to whom much is given, much should be required.” I am the Founder and Director of Honoring American Heroes, a organization created to lift up the honor and address the needs of our returning war heroes. I am a Board Member of Life Pacific College, and on the Advisory Board of Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit entity fighting for religious liberties. I also have contributed considerable time as a Member of the Steering Committee for Lift Up America, an organization helping at-risk youth.
But enough about me. I am running for Congress to represent the desert and eastern Sierras. We are families, small businesses, packers, miners, hunters and regular citizens who are fed up with politics as usual. We love our environment, and we are prepared to protect it. Protect it, that is, even as we enjoy the recreational and tourist opportunities Nature has given us in her bounty.
America is under immense stress like we’ve rarely seen. Since the day of September 11, 2011, when we were savagely attacked by international terror networks, we have understood the nature of the enemies outside our borders. From the radical jihadists in the Middle East, to the drug cartels south of the American border, we are aware of the danger facing law abiding Americans.
But we are facing perhaps even graver, more insidious dangers from inside our borders. The national debt has hit nearly $16 trillion, and the Congress and the President are adding more debt every day. From the unwise bailout of private companies and banks, to the unconstitutional ObamaCare, America truly is at risk.
As your Congressman, I pledge I will not vote to add another dollar to America’s debt. I will work to eliminate our deficits, reduce our debt, and end the practice of borrowing from our children’s futures. As an accountant, I understand how to balance a budget, and I assure you I will work to keep the Federal Government out of your pockets, and off your back.
As a constitutional conservative, I believe in the invaluable protection of the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness afforded us by our Declaration of Independence, and the specific guarantees of the U.S. Constitution. I believe in the Sanctity of innocent human life. And I believe in the sanctity of religious liberty, guaranteed by the First Amendment.
I believe in the sanctity of the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and the sanctity of the Fifth Amendment guarantee to the protection of private property.
And I assure you, I believe in, and will defend, the sanctity of the 10th Amendment, which guarantees the Federal Government won’t usurp the powers that our Constitution protects for the people and the States.
Lastly, I am running for Congress to protect the sacrosanct American borders, and to reassert American sovereignty. I believe in welcoming, encouraging legal immigrants to this country. But the law is the law. And I believe Congress must do a better job protecting Americans from those who would illegally violate our sovereignty.
In short, I am the only candidate running for this seat who is not a politician. I believe I am the best choice for this seat, because I have the courage of my convictions, and the professional training to clean up the fiscal mess that has become Washington, D.C.
I’d appreciate your vote on June 5, and you have my assurance that I will hold dear, the public trust.

Ryan McEachron

Hi, I’m Ryan McEachron, a businessman, husband and father.  I was born and raised right here in the High Desert.  I graduated from Apple Valley High School and now my wife Jennifer and I are raising our family here.
Some might call me crazy for wanting to fight for us in Washington, D.C. right now, but I will tell you something: I’m tired of listening to the rhetoric, the partisan bickering and the reign of special interests. We need representatives that are willing to stick their necks out and push to get things done.  We need someone who will put principles before politics and fight for hardworking taxpayers. That is why I am running for Congress.
I am small businessman who runs a family-owned business. I know what it takes to create jobs and put people to work.  As your Congressman, that will be my first priority; putting people back to work.  Political insiders have had their shot at turning this economy around and taxpayers are shouldered with more debt thanks to the failed Washington policies that brought us bail outs, stimulus plans and Solyndra.  Now is the time for real solutions, not more excuses.
Our region is facing record unemployment levels and it is imperative that our next Congressman is capable of turning the economy around and putting people back to work. Having employed a number of people over the years, I understand how difficult government makes it for small businesses to grow and create more jobs. Obamacare, cap-and-trade, and raising taxes are all policies that will force businesses to close or move overseas, destroy jobs and prevent an economic recovery. We cannot afford that. We need less government, less intrusion in the free market and more jobs, now. Congress must stop enacting regulations that stifle private-sector job creation, and lessen the tax burden so that businesses can create jobs and make investments here in the United States.
As Mayor of Victorville, I have balanced the city budget and kept taxes low by rooting out waste, prioritizing City spending and using some old fashion common sense.  Congress hasn’t even passed this year’s budget, yet every day America’s debt climbs higher and higher. For four years we have had trillion dollar deficits. Washington has forgotten that you can’t spend what you don’t have.  In Congress, I will fight for a balanced budget amendment, expose the waste and corruption that has infected the Capitol and restore integrity and honesty to the Nation’s budget process.  It is time we took our Country back from the special interests that have led us astray. Successful businesses balance their books and keep an eye on the bottom line and our government needs to do the same.
Keeping America safe must also be a priority of Congress.  I believe in a strong national defense and in Congress I will work to ensure that our military has the resources needed to protect us from those who seek to do us harm.  We must take action to roll back spending and restore financial stability to our government but I draw a line in the sand when it comes to cutting our nation’s defense, as I believe it must be fully funded. I oppose closing military installations and compromising our security.  
California’s 8th Congressional District is privileged to host elements of all branches of the United States military.  The bases in our district employ tens of thousands of people.  With this honor comes many responsibilities.  As your representative in Congress, I will fight for our veterans, soldiers, military families, reservists, and the installations that employ thousands of working men and women.  We owe our veterans and returning service members a huge debt of gratitude for their service to our country.  I support investing in these brave men and women through job training and educational opportunities that will ease their transition back to civilian life.
As a husband and father of two I am concerned about our schools. Congress has failed our children by drowning our education system in red tape and handcuffing local decision makers. I will work to reform education by reducing Washington’s interference in local school districts.  Local school boards, teachers and parents, not bureaucrats in Washington, know what is best for students.  It’s time we got the federal government out of the way and returned more of our taxes to the local level.  Our children deserve a quality education and the federal government doesn’t have the answers.
I am humbled by the number of you have supported my campaign for Congress, called to share your ideas, or just offered encouraging words. Please take a moment to visit to learn more about my views and mission to protect our families, our community and our country. I look forward to hearing from you.

Angela Valles

As a lifelong Victor Valley resident, I Angela Valles have persevered through many obstacles to become the person I am today. As a mother at age 16, I dropped out of school to care and provide for my baby, who today serves in the United States Military. I earned my Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. As a single mother I became a Correctional Officer working diligently to become the Prison’s Warden, a Criminal Justice Professor, and College Board President. I earned my Bachelor Degree in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University and my International Master’s Degree from Pepperdine University – both Christian institutions. I studied in China, France, and Mexico giving me that much needed experience in business and foreign affairs. I balance and oversee multi-million dollar budgets as a Finance Director and Councilwoman. I promise to bring that work ethic and experience to Congress.
I achieved all of these goals while raising two beautiful and successful children both are married and in college. My son Emmanuel is proudly serving in the United States Air Force and my daughter Alissa is a Detention Officer at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Facility. My daughter has blessed me with a precious grandson Ethan.
I truly believe in service above self, and serve on several boards and committees in my community. My experience in Organizational Development helped me make a great difference on the Victor Valley College Board of Trustees, helping to get back the college’s accreditation, re-organizing staff, and finding new ways to attract students to enroll.
While I loved improving the quality of education for students at the college, I soon realized that the City of Victorville was headed in the wrong direction and putting the residents at risk with little to no vital services due to allegations of corruption and misappropriation of funds. Since being elected to the City Council, I have kept my promise to vote for financial reform, public safety and transparency. While the investigations by the SEC, FBI, and San Bernardino County Grand Jury (which started before my tenure) continue to work their way to a close, I have voted against every wasteful spending measure. Unfortunately, our federal government seems to have the same financial difficulties in trimming the deficit. With my experience, I will not sit idly by while Congress squanders more public dollars and places our country deeper into debt.  
Employment is the issue and jobs are the answer! But it is fiscal responsibility that will lead our district down the right path and resolve these issues. I am just as vehement about improving the quality of life in District 8 as I did in my own life, and will do all I can to increase jobs to raise the employment rate.
Employment comes from businesses, and it is time that we lend a friendly hand to businesses to encourage them to relocate or start up in our district. Instead, especially in California we are over-legislating, over-regulating, and over-burdening businesses both small and large. It is absurd to think that the economy will grow if we don’t provide incentives to businesses that will let them grow. Placing new taxes and policies on businesses will only drive them away, which we are witnessing today.
As a Councilwoman, I stood firm against waste and corruption focusing on a balanced budget and public safety without voting for a tax increase. In congress we need to simplify the tax code, reduce taxes and the IRS, reform education and healthcare, secure our borders, protect National and Homeland Security, Religious Freedom and 2nd Amendment Rights, champion smaller government, protect property rights and our Constitution, honor and care for Veterans as the heroes they are, and support businesses to create jobs so we can thrive in a new era of prosperity. We can accomplish great things if Democrats and Republicans start working together to find solutions.
All my life, I have sought out challenges and risen above them. My passion is to make a positive difference, and District 8 needs to start moving in a positive direction. In everything I do I try to reflect the sentiment of Erma Bombeck who said: “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’” That’s exactly what I want residents to say after I am given the chance to use my skills and passion to make a difference in our communities.
When you elect Angela Valles to Congress you recognize that it is the time for new leadership and direction. This is our country, our money; please allow me Angela Valles to be your voice, and that voice will not be silenced.

Bill Jensen

As a 23 year Retired U.S. Air Force Reserve Veteran, Licensed Real Estate Broker for over 30 years, High Desert Tea Party Movement Leader, Former City Councilman and Mayor of Hesperia, I have seen citizens participate in unprecedented numbers to do their part to “Take Back Our Country” from a government out of control. Together, we have the ability to see the Bill of Rights is restored in practice by sending me to Washington, D.C. As an American, I Constitutionally endorse the Freedom of Speech, Right to Bear Arms, Securing our Borders, Energy Independence, and Authorization of Drilling Permits & Refinery Production. Further, as a Real Estate Broker for over 30 years, I firmly support Private Property Rights and the Right to Privacy from unreasonable search and seizures. There should be no further taxation allowed by agencies creating Fees by Regulation. I believe that we should immediately repeal Dodd-Frank, Obamacare and Sarbanes-Oxley. The Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) must have major elements eliminated or be repealed until changes are made that provide the Constitutional Protections to U.S. Citizens. No American Citizen shall be detained without due process, nor shall their Second Amendment Rights be violated. I will represent the complete overhaul or elimination of the EPA, IRS, Federal Reserve Responsibilities, and the Departments of Energy, Education, and Interior in order to cut the Federal Deficit and increase government efficiency. I will uphold 10th Amendment States Rights and send the Tax Payer money back to the states so Citizens can decide how to best spend their money with locally elected officials.
Unemployment is directly related to failing Tax, Mortgage, Trade & Energy Policies. I will represent bold tax-cut plans that would virtually throw out the IRS code. The worst tax law on the books is the “Inheritance Tax.” No government, under any circumstance, has the right to force a tax on your land or property when you leave it to your family or children.
I will defend Social Security and MediCare for our Senior Citizens.
I will advocate Peace Through Strength in our Foreign Policy and Ensure Full Medical Benefits to all Military Members. I will not allow any United Nations intervention in U.S. Policy, such as Agenda 21, or authority on the battlefield over our Officers or Enlisted Troops in the defense of our nation.
In order for us to accomplish this mission of protecting our Constitution and the American way of life, we must first bring about change in the United States Congress sufficient to halt any further advance of a progressive agenda that will socialize us through taxation, while encroaching upon every one of our liberties and rights to privacy. Secondly, we need to bring about change in the Senate and the Presidency sufficient to allow the reversal and repeal of any Unconstitutional legislative advances already made towards a progressive agenda through agency regulations. I believe in a limited government accountable to the people, and only Congress shall have the authority to pass laws. I invite you to go to to watch the scores of video interviews and Tea Party meetings that I conducted as the founder and leader of the High Desert Tea Party Movement. Additionally, you will find the California Tea Party News Advocate posted for your review. The most recent newspaper covers an investigation of the California Air Resources Board and Assembly Bill 32 (AB-32), that continues to crush California jobs, especially in the trucking and mining industries. Now we are faced with another Federal Land-Grab, the California Desert Protection Act of 2010, once again restricting your access to our federal land.
As your Congressman in Washington, D.C., I will fight for our Constitution and the American way of life by restricting an over-reaching government. I will not only be the voice of District 8, I will make sure it is heard. Together, we can show Washington, D.C. that the people of District 8 are ready to take back America, fight for what we believe in and restore the greatness of this nation for the generations to come.
“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed – That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
– Declaration of Independence
We must all be involved in determining the future of our country. I look forward to your vote in the June 5 Primary, and the opportunity to serve the new District 8 and our country in Washington, D.C.

Dennis Albertson

I am Dennis Albertsen running for United States Congress in California’s 8th Congressional District. A U.S. Navy veteran, once stationed on board the aircraft carrier USS Ranger, and am a conservative republican.  Currently I am a contractor in Electronic Warfare for the United States Air Force at Edwards Air Force Base, CA.
I am running for congress to reduce federal spending, and taxes by working with both Republicans and Democrats in Congress in a collaborative effort to achieve a common goal for the people of the 8th district of California and the nation.
 I currently work at the Federal level with the Military on a multitude of issues and projects, I work with a varied personality background of people and have an ability to get things done.

Brad Mitzelfelt

I’m a married father of two. I am also a Marine Corps veteran who served in combat operations in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm.
I’m a local elected official who’s a proven friend of the taxpayer. I signed the Americans For Tax Reform Pledge not to raise taxes. I fought the illegal state fire tax as well as measures that would make it easier to increase property taxes and gasoline and vehicle registration taxes. Government has enough of your money and can do with less, like businesses and families are doing.
Tax-fighting Senator George Runner, who now represents us on the California Board of Equalization, called me “a real fiscal conservative who will end the irresponsible deficit spending that has crippled the economy and created a $15-trillion-dollar debt.”
Deficit spending is hurting our economy and standing in the world, and it is dangerous to our future prosperity and even our security.
As a San Bernardino County Supervisor, I have balanced every budget, largely by cutting waste. I helped cut discretionary county spending – except for public safety – by 50 percent. I also refused to take pay increases and cut elected official compensation, including my own, by 25 percent.
I created an award-winning program that saves taxpayer dollars and improves public safety by identifying illegal immigrants in our jails, making it easier to deport them. I also ensured a 25-percent expansion of our County’s jails while the state was preparing to send us – and all counties – thousands of additional inmates and parolees. I have increased fire protection, child-predator controls and gang suppression and intervention.
To clean up government, I took legal action against corrupt officials, co-sponsored limits on campaign contributions, and made it easier for authorities to investigate wrongdoing.
I am proud to have the support of Inyo County Sheriff Bill Lutze.
I helped establish high-tech job training and fought excessive regulations to bring more jobs and keep the ones we have. I was a statewide leader in the California Jobs Initiative effort to save 1 million jobs from unnecessary regulations.
I currently represent the largest county supervisor district in the contiguous United States. In fact, a large portion of Death Valley National Park is located within my district of San Bernardino County.
I am a leading expert among county officials on federal and other public lands issues. I am Chairman of the Quad State Local Governments Authority – a nine-county, four-state coalition that includes Inyo County and aggressively advocates and fights for public access to public lands and for accountability and economic sustainability in federal environmental and land management matters.
I am also a member of the Public Lands Steering Committee of the National Association of Counties, where my solar energy mitigation policies have been adopted as model policies for counties nationwide.
No other candidate in this election has the level of experience and knowledge about federal lands issues that impact Inyo County that I have.
As your representative in Washington, I will attack waste and fraud, and ensure America keeps its promise to retirees on Medicare and Social Security. I’ll oppose corporate bailouts and Washington’s failed economic policies that send our jobs to China.
I believe Congress needs to do more to ensure America makes use of its own energy resources. New investments of taxpayer dollars should go primarily to infrastructure – highways, bridges and the like – not to expand bureaucracy. We also need to continue to ensure we have the finest military in this dangerous world.
I have the right mix of experience, both in the private sector and in local government, to prepare me to represent you in Congress.
Please join me in helping make the 8th Congressional District, California and America a better, safer and more prosperous place to live and work. I would be honored to earn your vote.

Jackie Conaway

Jackie is a law office manager, was a former principal in an ESL program for students from the Moscow Economic Academy & Moscow Gymnasium, former home health care worker & SEIU member, former private home school administrator and former federal civil service clerk at the Yakima Firing Center (WA). Jackie is married to Bob Conaway (36 years), has three adult children, three grandchildren and recently moved back to the Phelan area in the Victor Valley to be closer to them. Jackie is a member of the California Democratic Party State Central Committee & is the Democratic State Party’s endorsed Democratic candidate.

1. KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR BEDROOMS, OUR RELATIONSHIPS & OUR DOCTOR’S OFFICES. As a woman, I will not give back the ground to those that would control our bodies based on their religious views and distorted views of the Constitution!
 2. MAKE SURE EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK IS THE LAW OF THE LAND – women for too long have bore the burden of getting less for the same work!

I have overseen technical & professional operations, educational programs, dealt with both domestic & international businesses and understand the importance of organized labor and technology to our future. On a personal level, I have acted as a general contractor in the building of two rural properties and refurbishing two others. I am ready for the challenge.

John Pinkerton

Raised in Nebraska, John Pinkerton credits his values and work ethic to his mother, who raised him alone on a union wage and has inspired him his entire life. He also credits his teachers, especially the Dean of Boys at Platte Valley Academy, where he learned the concept that “family extends beyond politics, culture, religion, sexual orientation, or blood lines.”
 John Pinkerton and his wife of 34 years, Sharon, are the parents of three and the proud grandparents of seven. They have been residents of California since 1985. They reside in the high desert, where they built their home integrating the use of used tires into new construction. The first of its kind approved by all agencies in California, “Ark II” inspired first ridicule but then respect and imitation. The experience taught Pinkerton that “sometimes when you follow your dream, you have to swim upstream.”
 In 1996, John and Sharon decided to swim upstream again by challenging Barbara Boxer for the U.S. Senate in the 1998 election. Even with no name recognition, budget, or party endorsement, Pinkerton’s clear, moderate message gained him unexpected support.
John holds a Master’s degree from Cal State San Bernadino and currently serves as a counselor at Silverado High School, where he has been employed since 1999. His experience there has helped him define the qualifications that he can bring to the 8th district congressional seat: “I have worked intimately with kids and their parents for many years at one of the country’s biggest high schools. The issues facing young people and their parents are the same as they are for the rest of Americans, and it has been my privilege to assist these families as they define their version of the American Dream. Washington needs people who understand the needs of individuals, not corporations, or special interests, but everyday, ordinary Americans. I want to do that kind of work for the citizens of the 8th district.”
Pinkerton’s message continues to be that “We must work together. Unemployment is the biggest issue facing the 8th District. Many 8th district citizens are in an economic bind and are pleading for some kind of relief. They are not asking for entitlements. Americans prefer to work for their bread. We have needs that could be met with the help of our many idle hands. Roads that could be repaired and widened. Beautification projects for our public lands and other treasures. We are blessed to live in one of the most scenic districts in the entire country. We can put our people to work maintaining what God has given us.”
Summing up his platform for the voters of the 8th District, Pinkerton says: “Our future is in our hands. To have the government we insist on, it is up to each of us to let our representatives know what we expect. If you send me to Washington, I will listen to your concerns. I will work to earn your trust. I will never lie to you.
“This is a time to come together. This is no time to attack time honored institutions like public education and public servants who have given their time, energy, and even their lives, as is too often the case for our warriors, police, firefighters, and others who protect us from harm.
“If elected to Congress, I will do everything in my power to support ALL American workers and their families. I will NEVER forget that a good job is a good start to a good life. In Congress, I will work toward sensible, moderate government that benefits everyone, not just special interests. I will always put your needs first.
An old proverb says that “tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” If you believe, as I do, that our strength lies in both our unity and our diversity, and that our future lies in building bridges instead of burning them, then I ask for your support in the upcoming election.”

Anthony Adams

California’s 8th Congressional District is complex, diverse, and staggeringly large. The district runs from the high desert cities and communities of San Bernardino County, to the magnificent peaks of Inyo. The issues facing these diverse communities are equally complex and diverse. However, one thing is certain. The citizens of this District are fed up with the partisan bickering that has deadlocked Congress. I saw a survey recently that showed the British Petroleum Company, which caused the Gulf oil spill, has an approval rating of 18%. This same survey said that the United States Congress’ approval rating was 9%.
The reasons for that are clear. Bitter partisanship and rancor have taken their toll and the American public is beginning to wonder if members of Congress realize that they have been sent to Washington, D.C. to represent the people, not partisan special interests. I have gone door to door in communities throughout the district. I have met with community members, neighborhood associations, church groups and local activists. Everywhere I go the message is the same: end the gridlock, stop the giveaways to special interests, and start working together to find real solutions to the real issues we face.
That is why I am running as a no party preference candidate.
From the time I was a child, I recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America. All of us have said the same words since we entered Kindergarten. We did not pledge allegiance to a political party.
Democrats and Republicans are putting party politics ahead of our country, but I believe there is a better way.
The principles and the foundation of my candidacy are simple:
Reform government and make it more effective. Improve government efficiency and reduce government gridlock. Only then can the shackles be removed from the job creators who will drive this economy back to prosperity.
I know that the best laws of our times were created when members of Congress worked together to reach consensus.
I have a traditional viewpoint that I believe the citizens of the 8th Congressional District share, which is that the best government is a limited government. I believe that before the government asks for a dollar from taxpayers, that government must make sure that this dollar is not being wasted.
I believe that the voters of the newly created 8th District have fears and concerns:
We need to make sure that we roll out the red carpet for new jobs – not pull out rolls of red tape.
We need to fight for the veterans who have bravely served this country to ensure that they get the care and benefits that these heroes have earned.
We need to make sure that seniors continue to receive the benefits from Social Security and Medicare that they expect and deserve.
I believe that protecting America means protecting our borders. We also need to make sure that there are American jobs for American citizens and we need to stop tax breaks for any company that sends jobs overseas.
Finally, we need to prioritize how we spend every penny to ensure that American citizens get the full value from their tax dollars.
Because of the change in California law, my candidacy will not be targeted to the extremes of either party but to the base of both parties. As a member of the State Legislature, I reached across the aisle when it was in the best interests of our state. I never compromised my principles and, as the Congressman from the 8th Congressional District, I never will.
From 2006 to 2010, Anthony Adams served in the California State Assembly. In his legislative capacity, Assemblyman Adams served on the Rules Committee, the Budget Committee, the Health Committee, the Higher Education Committee and as the Vice-Chair of the Elections and Redistricting Committee.
As the former Director of Legislative Affairs for the County of San Bernardino, Anthony Adams directed the county’s legislative affairs program concerning every element of policy from Medi-Cal reform and the burdensome effects of increased worker’s compensation costs to public safety funding.
Prior to his position as the county’s Chief Legislative Affairs Officer, Anthony Adams served as the Executive Analyst to the Chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.
Anthony Adams received his law degree from Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, his bachelor’s degree in political science from California State University, San Bernardino, and his associate’s degree in business administration from Victor Valley College.
Anthony Adams is currently “Of Counsel” with the Law Practice of Wagner & Pelayes, LLP, a Public Entity advice and defense law firm.
Anthony and his wife, Deanna, have been married for twenty years and have resided in the city of Hesperia since 1996.
For more information please visit

Paul Cook

My name is Colonel Paul Cook, USMC (ret.), and I am running for Congress in the 8th Congressional District. I am a combat veteran, having spent 26 years of my life in the US Marine Corps. I fought in Vietnam, earning a Bronze Star with Valor Device and two Purple Hearts for wounds sustained in combat. I was also a small-town Mayor and have served for the past 5 years as a state lawmaker. I believe I have the life experience necessary to lead, to solve problems, and to offer Inyo County the best voice in Congress.
As a resident of a rural community, I have the experience to tackle the issues facing Inyo County. Much of my time as a town councilmember and mayor was spent working to improve transportation in the region and to challenge federal government agencies as they attempted to dictate use of the surrounding land. In my community, as in Inyo, transportation and smart land use equals jobs, which is why these issues are top priorities. I worked tirelessly with our regional transportation planning agency, SanBAG, to pave roads, expand freeways where appropriate, and make decisions on new roads with local input. With good roads, people can move, tourism can flourish, and the economy can grow.
I also worked to bring local input into federal land issues. I believe we can be both capitalists and conservationists. Currently, I am engaged in the discussion on expansion of a military base in my area. I’m also working to help revive mining opportunities in the region to create new jobs. As a community leader, I was involved in creating Joshua Tree National Park. While our community was in favor of national park status, I made sure we had a voice in the process, despite the federal government’s obstinacy and reluctance to listen. As a Congressman, I won’t allow them to dictate to us on land and transportation decisions that affect our lives and livelihoods. In local decisions, locals should have the strongest voice.
Sadly, the federal government is often willing to force land decisions on rural areas, but it refuses to hold the City of Los Angeles accountable for the deplorable air quality caused by the drying of the Owens Lake bed. In Congress, I will make sure they cannot ignore this appalling problem. I have spent years battling big cities, with success, and will continue this fight in Congress.
We need to find ways to encourage job growth not just in big cities, but on the back roads and in small towns that city politicians would prefer to ignore. Beyond good roads and smart land use, that means keeping taxes low. I’ve spent the past five years as a state lawmaker withstanding withering pressure to raise taxes. I’ve even helped reduce income, sales, and automobile taxes. No other candidate in this race has the experience to take on pro-tax forces in a body such as Congress. We cannot afford to send an unproven candidate to Congress.
The reckless spending and budget deficit at the federal level is another major problem. Politicians have wasted too much money on bailouts, welfare expansions, and other frivolous pursuits, while working and retired Americans have suffered. Reckless spending not only diverts money from infrastructure and roads, it threatens programs for seniors like Social Security and Medicare. I will seek balanced budgets and refocus on sane spending priorities.
Last but not least, I will continue working for veterans and military families. Before ever holding office, I vowed to make them a top priority, and I’ve never wavered in that commitment. In recent years, I’ve served as Chair of the Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee, where I’ve worked to address the many needs of veterans. In a changing world and with major challenges facing federal programs for veterans, you deserve a Congressman who understands firsthand the importance of keeping our military strong; someone who will honor and serve veterans; someone who will never forget their sacrifices.
Ultimately, this is an election about politicians who have deserted the American people by disregarding our values. Too many politicians have allowed good jobs for our sons and daughters to escape overseas and for our debt to be purchased by foreign nations. These politicians have lost the public trust and have failed as leaders.
As a Marine Colonel, I knew that without the faith and trust of the troops, we could accomplish nothing. We need someone in Congress who can lead, who will take responsibility, and who can restore that sacred trust. I believe I am that leader. I am committed to restoring that trust with the integrity and honesty you deserve in a representative.

George T. Craig, MD, FACS

The “center place on the mantelpiece” in the next Congress is going to be medical care.  And, I’ve been doing that for more than a half century, and that here in the High Desert practicing Plastic Surgery for 34 years. Plus, having background of previously training in the very best medical centers in the world. So, I believe I am uniquely qualified to speak about medical care in the Congress of the United States. Additionally, while in High School, my debate partner was now-Justice of the Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia. And, on graduation, I was class salutatorian. So, I know “how to talk.” Plus, my very best friend in those years is married to the late-President Johnson’s secretary. And, I see these persons when I go to Washington. That is, I have “connections” in Washington, D.C. And, won’t be “a stranger” there.
My background before coming here includes receiving MD degree from Albany Medical College, and then interning at UC San Francisco. And then, serving as medical officer with U.S. Marine Corps in Far East, and then at Long Beach Naval Base. Then, I spent a year as a General Practitioner and ER doctor in Orange County and Los Angeles. Then, for a year I did Biomedical Engineering research at the old Stanford Hospital in San Francisco, before returning to New York-Cornell Medical Center for Surgery and Pathology residences. And then, Plastic Surgery residency for 2 years at Downstate Medical Center-Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, with its large and famous Burn Center. Then, I spent a year as a “post-graduate fellow” with a world famous Plastic and Hand surgeon in New York City, before practicing myself in Manhattan for 7 years including being Honorary Surgeon for the N.Y. Police Department. After that I returned here to California as Associate Director of Burn Center at L.A. County-USC Medical Center in 1977-8. And then, I came here to the High Desert.  I mention all of this to outline both the broad, and also the variety of, medical and surgical experiences that I’ve had. And also, though I’m now in excellent health, in the past few years I’ve had 2 surgical procedures (not for cancer), and have had a now-cured medical illness (again, not cancer). This gives me additionally a perspective on “medical care” from the patient point-of-view. Which, I can assure you, is different than the doctor point-of-view! But adds a “double” perspective on this now very important matter of medical care of all of us. Including me! That makes me a truly unique candidate for the office of Representative in Congress. At this unique time.
I make 2 promises:  Number one, to be here in the district – at times, yes, here in Inyo County – at least once a month up on a high school stage, or similar, answering questions from voters, who elected me, and telling people what is going-on in Washington. And, what I am doing for this district. (Like Newt Gingrich did every month while he was in Congress). And Number 2, if I am blessed to be elected now to serve only 3 terms, 6 years … Not to stay in Washington for “a long-term retirement plan.”
Finally, regarding my life experiences, I am a pro-life Christian Catholic, and I was married to a Jewish New York medical doctor, while in New York. We had no children. So, I have had a married experience, but not the special and unique experience of being a parent. In a sense, my patients have been my children. And maybe now the citizens of the 8th District, in a sense will fill that role! And have my undivided attention.
Your vote for me will be appreciated by this mature and serious physician and surgeon.  And, I think, will put this 8th Congressional District “on the map,” if I’m elected.

Joseph Napolitano

I, Joseph Napolitano, am a native Californian born in Lynwood and have resided in Helendale for 10 years. I have been self-employed for 37 years doing home remodeling and assorted handiwork throughout the communities in which I have resided. As an Army Vietnam veteran, I began my education under the G.I. Bill attending Cerritos College and others in the Southern California area. I have worked for 13 years as a Poll Worker, of which the last eight years acting as the Poll Inspector. My lovely wife, Wendy, and I have two married daughters and one granddaughter. My wife and I are active members in our church and sing in the choir. We are both willing volunteers helping others around the community and abroad. We enjoy travel abroad as well as simple day trips. I have been told that I have many sound thoughts for our country and our new 8th Congressional District. I am anxious and willing to share my thoughts for a stronger America and always willing to listen to others.
It is my intention to visit every town in the 8th District. I want to make sure there is adequate police, fire, and ambulance service. The new 8th District is a large sprawling area with countless opportunities for working together to create new industries and employ more people. We have sensitive environmental issues that must be addressed. By working hand-in-hand with current state and federal officials, we can create an environment of cooperation.
I am qualified for this job because I fit the criteria set down by our constitution. We must address voter ID cards. Accurate voting goes to the heart of our entire democracy. Entitlements must be reevaluated. Our foreign policy also needs to be abridged or reevaluated. We should always extend an olive branch of peace but, at the same time, trust and verify.

Gregg Imus

Age: 52
Building Contractor
Businesses are fleeing California. Many people say that California is lost, that there is no hope for California. I don’t think so. This 8th congressional district is the hope of California. It is California’s Alamo. It is where we will fight back and win. I am NOT a politician! My Great Grandfather Hiram Imus moved his family to Big Pine in 1926 because of the opportunities the valley and mountains afforded them. Now the Bureau of Land Management, through environmental protection acts will not even allow us to access OUR land.  When elected I will remind them that they work for us! I believe in limited government. Big government regulations are strangling business. I am not running to draft more legislation, I am running to repeal legislation. Wherever government stands in the way of business, whether it’s mining, ranching or packing, I will be there to cut it out of the way. We cannot afford to wait any longer for our Federal and State governments to fix the economy. We have the resources to fix our own economy. Some of the greatest mineral deposits in the world our in this district. Let’s open the gates of OUR land and put people back to work. As a business owner for 25 years, I will fight to restore commonsense in Washington. The founder’s desire was to send “citizen representatives” from “We the People.” Currently, career politicians have steered this Nation off course. Please help me steer this Nation back in the right direction.
In 2005 I co-founded the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp-CA to protect America’s Southern border. I have spent more than 2,500 hours on the California/Mexico border and know the illegal immigration well.  With the help of over 2,000 volunteers, we brought the illegal immigration problem to the four front of the Nation. In 2007 Congress passed a bill to build 700 miles of border fence. They built 2 miles in California and stopped. Our southern border still remains porous to this day.  Illegal immigration is costing California taxpayers 22 billion dollars per year. I believe in strong border security, legal immigration and enforcing our current immigration laws. Absolutely no amnesty!
Americans must come first.
With high unemployment there is no job Americans won’t do.
I have most recently served in the State Capital as Chief of Staff for California State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly.
On foreign policy, I believe in a strong National defense, as Reagan said, “Peace through Strength.” Regarding Afghanistan I have not heard one good compelling argument to have our military their. I have a strong conviction that our troops need to come home now. As far as our friend Israel, we must always defend this ally that lives under the constant threat of being exterminated from the face of the earth. Their enemies are our enemies. I support their right to defend themselves. If there is a nuclear threat from Iran then I support their efforts to remove this specific threat.
I believe in;
• Limited government & lower taxes = Economical Recovery
• The 2nd Amendment “the right of the people to keep and bears arms shall not be infringed.”
• Lower fuel cost. Drill here, drill now and build the pipeline.
• Strengthen the Nations Defense.
• Bring the troops home and put them on the Southern border.
• Uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
• Repeal Obamacare.
• End the Federal Reserve System
• Defund the United Nations. I will never allow them to impose anything on us.
• End birthright citizenship to illegal aliens.
We must make our voices heard. The establishment fears “Citizen Legislators” rising up and taking our country back! Please join me in this effort. My wife of 33 years, Pennie and I, are Christians and are pro-life. We have nine children, both biological and adopted. In the words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death,” it’s just that critical.

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