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1984 shooter to remain in custody

February 2, 2012

In a rare communication with the media, the Inyo County District Attorney’s Office has announced that James Roy Catron will remain committed to Patton State Hospital.
Catron was involved in a shooting outside Inyo County Jail in 1984 which resulted in the severe wounding and hospitalization of two Inyo County Sheriff’s deputies. Catron was found “not guilty by reason of insanity” on three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and committed to Patton where he has remained since, a press release from the D.A.’s Office states.
The story of Catron, as remembered by former Bishop Police Chief Bruce Dishion, was that Catron was out on bail after being stopped and incarcerated at Inyo County Jail for an out of the area warrant. Catron showed up at the Sheriff’s Office demanding his $5,000 in bail back.
Personnel at the office told Catron the money was available at the jail. Catron went to the jail and was asked to go outside to discuss the matter and Catron opened fire with a sub-machine gun, injuring deputies, Mike Nicholaus and Steve Rogers. Deputies returned fire and took Catron into custody.
The case of Catron v. the State of California went before Superior Court on Dec. 22 to extend Catron’s stay through 2014.
Catron had served his maximum time by 1996 for the charges and the insanity finding. Since 1996. Catron has had the opportunity to have his “commitment” reviewed every two years by a jury trial, the D.A. said. Catron has waived his jury trial in lieu of a bench trial.
Following the testimony of two psychologists and one psychiatrist and the submittal of their perspective psychological reports on Catron, Inyo County Superior Court Judge Brian Lamb found that Catron was still a threat to himself and others due to his mental disorder.
Catron will be committed to Patton State Hospital until at least February 2014, at which time another review will be held.

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