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Inyo to part ways with bi-county senior services

December 13, 2011

County leaders learned Tuesday that Mono County is not willing to help cover more of the administrative cost of running the Inyo Mono Area Agency on Aging program.
In response, the Board of Supervisors directed staff to notify the state that it would be opting out of the regional program in favor of Inyo County administering its own senior work.
Health and Human Services Director Jean Turner said the transition will not impact senior services locally, as the county is only dealing with the cost of administration, and not the programs themselves.
Currently, IMAAA is governed by a Joint Powers Agreement between Inyo and Mono counties that establishes an IMAAA Governing Board to oversee the senior programs in both counties on behalf of the state, which, ultimately, is required to provide services to senior citizens under the Federal Older Americans Act.
As part of the Joint Powers Agreement, Inyo is responsible for providing administrative services for IMAAA.
In the fiscal year 2011-12 budget, Inyo County will be providing $331,456 in General Fund money to provide administrative services for all IMAAA programs, as outlined in the IMAAA contract. Additionally, the county will be contributing $355,058 for direct services.
In August, Inyo County sent a letter to the IMAAA Governing Board, requesting that it “revisit the IMAAA budget for the purpose of either reducing costs or increasing revenues” to help cover the administrative costs.
With Mono County refusing to pick up part of the administrative tab, Turner said the county has two choices: continue funding administration of the regional program and begin the lengthy process of developing a four-year plan for IMAAA senior programs, which is due to the California Department of Aging by July 1, 2012, or discontinue the regional program and begin work on a four-year plan for an Inyo-only senior program.
County Counsel Randy Keller advised the Board of Supervisors to notify the state of the county’s intent to dissolve the agreement between Inyo and Mono as soon as possible to ensure the state is aware of the change.
“For our seniors, our goal is to continue to provide services,” Third District Supervisor Rick Pucci said.

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