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Fishing Report

August 19, 2011

Kurt and Kysen Nakano enjoy a day at Crowley Lake. Photo submitted

The bite remained steady this week following a 1,200-lb. stocking by the Dept. of Fish and Game, but overall things have slowed down a bit.
Big fish are being seen and and hooked but very few were landed.
All three inlets have tons of fish but fishing pressure has them a little spooky. Folks are doing best on mini-jigs, Powerworms and nightcrawlers fished under a bobber.
Remember folks, do not use weight or a swivel with mini-jigs – just tie them straight to your 2-lb. or 4-lb. test line.
If you need a hand, ask the guys at the boat shack and they can show you how to rig up the right way.
The dam is still holding a lot of fish as well, especially in the corners where the DFG fish are staying schooled up. Some decent fish to 3-lbs. reported from Phantom’s throne.
The lake is now just inches from spilling over the spillway and its gorgeous out there. The second half of the Alpers purchased by Southern California Edison is scheduled to arrive Aug. 25, so look for things to really heat up towards the end of the month.
Solid fishing in the creek again this week using the usual suspects. Holographic Rainbow Panther Martins were doing well along with pieces of nightcrawler or salmon eggs.
The skeeters are still thick in the mornings and evenings so the fly fishers are still doing quite well on dries.

Still really buggy up here so there is a lot of dry fly action early and late in the day. Stripping dark streamers is working all day long.
– Courtesy of Parchers Resort

We do believe it was the last hoorah before school starts ‘cause boy was it was busy last weekend.
There were people everywhere and we thank you for picking Lake Sabrina as your last hoorah place.
The dam was packed; the boats, all out; the weather, awesome; the Café, the happening place, the catching, outstanding.
Just about any way you wanted to fish was working. nightcrawlers, PowerBait and PowerWorms were the hot ticket at the Inlets. Flashers and a nightcrawler, or just a WoollyBugger or a nightcrawler worked for those that like to cruise the Lake.
Simply tossing a worm and drifting over the rock piles picked up some nice limits. Nightcrawlers or PowerBait for those that like to keep their feet on firm ground (you may also want to try a bubble and a fly).
– Courtesy of Lake Sabrina Boat Landing
Bait Fishing
The bait season has closed on Crowley; Aug-1 - Oct-31 is barbless, artificial lure only. You are allowed to have two fish in possession, but they must be over 18 inches in length. You can still troll, spin fish, or fly fish with barbless artificial.

Perch Fishing
The perch have moved off of their spawning beds all over the lake. After they finish with their spawn, they start to suspend over deep water. The best way to catch them is to slow troll outside the weed beds with lead core line.
You don’t have to be very deep; the fish are usually only 15- to 20-feet down. Slow troll a small broke back Rapalla or a small crank bait. As the summer progresses, they will continue to move towards the deeper sections. Remember you can’t use any bait, or scented lures, and your hooks must be barbless
Fly Fishing Report
Things have changed around a bit since our last report.
Fish and Game dropped about 50,000 6- to 8-inchers in last week. These fish have moved into Little Hilton, Crooked Creek and Whisky Bay. The incredible fishing that we were having on big fish in Little Hilton is now 10 or 20 small fish for each good one. We are even seeing a few of the small ones filtering into McGee Bay.
If you want to get some kids into fly fishing, take them back to Little Hilton or Whisky Bay and let them catch a bunch of the small ones – they will love it.
Over in McGee Bay, the fish are spreading out from the channel and working the weed edges for the baby perch. We have been fishing some of the deeper holes in the channel, or setting up outside the weed beds in 17 feet of water.
You won’t catch nearly as many fish as over in Little Hilton, but the percentage of big fish is much higher. We have been picking up anywhere from 5-10 fish larger than 20 inches most days.
There are now fish all the way from the mouth of McGee Creek, all the way out to the 20-foot range. The best flies have been Copper Tigers and Red Baron blood midges early in the morning, followed by the smaller size shafts and shaft Emergers.
If you want to hit the deep water, pick up one of Kent’s deep water indicators over at the Troutfitter. They work really well in the deeper water. There are also some fish to be had up in the North Arm. Hit the Owens channels just across from Green Banks. There is a pretty good mix of fish up here, 12 inches to 22 inches. Up in the Owens channel the fish have been keyed in on callibetis nymphs and shaft.
Good luck.

– Courtesy of Mickey Baron, Crowley Lake Guide Service, (760) 935-4301

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