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Bishop Juniors struggle in All-Star tournament

July 11, 2011

Tehachapi continued its dominance of the Little League All-Star tournaments with back-to-back wins over the Bishop Juniors.
Bishop’s All-Stars lost by a slim 5-7 margin Friday afternoon.
Tehachapi took an early lead in Saturday morning’s game and never gave it up, taking the tournament with a 1-15 win. Bishop’s bats were active, but couldn’t string them together for enough runs to challenge Tehachapi.
Bishop’s fielding looked sharp in the first inning. A rapid-fire throw from pitcher Grayson Hess to first baseman Brad Greene retired Tehachapi’s Zach Wagner.
Bishop’s second out came on a dramatic run-down at second base.
With two runs on the board, Tehachapi’s Dominic Barilla got greedy. Barilla got tagged out at second trying to turn a single into a double.
Tehachapi lead 0-3 by Bishop’s first at-bat.
With two outs, Bishop chalked up a series of singles from Daniel Klemencic, Greg Greene and Anthony Martinez to load the bases. All three were left on base.
Hess held Tehachapi in check in the top of the second. Tehachapi returned the favor in the bottom of the inning.
A diving catch from Bishop’s left fielder, Martinez, send Tehachapi’s Nathan Hedberg back to the dugout at the start of the third.
With two men on base, Tehachapi scored a run off a Ryan Hanzel single, extending the lead 0-4.
Bishop retired the side with a strikeout and a caught foul ball.
Bishop’s lone run came in the bottom of the third. Klemencic hit a single that Tehachapi errors turned into a double. A Greg Greene single sent Klemencic home, narrowing Tehachapi’s lead to 1-4.
Brad Greene relieved Hess on the mound in the top of the fourth. The change didn’t put a dent in Tehachapi’s scoring effort. Tehachapi scored one run on an error; Barilla hit a 2-RBI single and Tehachapi extended its lead 1-7.
Given the 1-15 final score, Bishop highlights were scarce in the closing innings.
Alex Sipes made the final out in the fifth with a pop fly, leaving two Tehachapi runners stranded.
Sipes and Klemencic both drilled singles in the fifth.
Hess dropped a single into left field in the bottom of the sixth.

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