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Athletes swim, bike, run for Bishop Swim Team triathlon

June 13, 2011

The first heat of the Sprint takes off at the Bishop City Park Pool. Photos by Deb Murphy

Nearly 70 athletes swam, biked and ran their way around Bishop City Park Saturday morning, all to benefit the Bishop Swim Team.
The event, organized by team coach Mel Beard, was divided into four categories. Sprint competitors swam 20 laps, or 500 yards, biked a 12-mile loop and finished off with a 3.7-mile run.
The “Kids Full Distance” event included a 200-yard swim, 3-mile bike race and 1-mile run. “Kids Mini” competition included a 100-yard swim, 1-mile ride and 1/2-mile run. The smallest of athletes opted for the Xtra Mini: 50-yard swim, 1/2-mile bike ride and 1/4-mile run.

Sprint Results
Fitt, Brandon: 1:12:42
Jones, Lowell: 1:16:29
Olivolo, Matthew: 1:18:03
Will, Douglas: 1:18:27
Saenz, Joel: 1:21:56
Deane, Billy: 1:24:26
Holmes, Veronica: 1:24:39
Hennarty, Pam: 1:25:36
Shultz, Tim: 1:29:15
Underkoffler, Emily: 1:30:00
Hayes, Shawn: 1:30:00
Samuels, Joel: 1:30:08
Higley, Tom: 1:31:06
Maloney, Krista: 1:36:24
Higley, Rosanne: 1:36:24
Saenz, Ronnie: 1:39:22
Glende, Chelsea: 1:40:13
Meyers, Carrie: 1:41:22
Connolly, Isabel: 1:42:25
Will, Sherilynne: 1:43:39
Villanueva, Gail: 1:44:40
Fleming, Liz: 1:46:47
Olivolo, Christine: 1:47:13
Kiddoo, Cyndee: 1:47:30
Quisenberry, Quinn: 1:48:38
Lowden, Niki: 1:57:27
Higginbotham, Caitlyn: 2:09:33
Twomey, Ilissa: 2:16:50

Kids Full Distance
Jayne, Cody: 24:44
Shultz, Jamie: 24:45
Parker, Kailey: 25:53
Olivolo, Bradley: 27:44
Connolly, Fleur: 28:57
Foster, Molly: 35:15

Kids Mini Distance
Foster, Madison: 13:03.18
Kiddoo, Ryan: 13:10.18
Hennarty, Scott: 13:12.71
Fitt, Rachel: 13:18.16
McMurtrie, McKenna: 13:23.01
Segura, Niko: 13:23.08
Fitt, Dylan: 13:35.21
Winzenread, Jordan: 14:08.03
Winzenread, Brooke: 14:13.03
VanTassell, Tanner: 14:18.09
Dishion, Sadie: 14:25.31
Dishion, Caylee: 14:57.06
Shultz, Chet: 15:20.25
Jayne, Madison: 17:56.96
Cooper, Jordan: 14:16.53

Kids Xtra Mini
Hennarty, Will: 13:30
Twomey, Will: 14:41
Twomey, Malena: 14:44
Reynolds, Dakota: 11:36*
* ½ of run completed*

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