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Klondike open 7 days a week this summer

May 24, 2011

Klondike Lake will be open for boating beginning Friday and will remain open seven days a week through Labor Day weekend. Those who plan to take their boat to the lake must have it inspected for quagga mussels. Photo courtesy Kendra Stone

Klondike Lake will be opening to the public this Friday and will remain open seven days a week through Labor Day, Sept. 5.
Access to the lake will be limited and those planning to take boats or jet skis onto the water will still be required to have their vessels inspected for invasive quagga mussels.
The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power began instituting mandatory quagga mussel inspections on every body of water they own three years ago to ensure that the quagga mussels do not hitchhike their way into Eastern Sierra waters.
When quagga mussels get a foothold in an area, their rapid rate of reproduction often means that, within a matter of a couple of years, their numbers become so great that water system infrastructure, such as pipes, become clogged with the bivalves, and delicate ecosystems can be literally wiped out as the mussels eat most of the microscopic organisms in the food chain.
Once quagga mussels appear in a body of water, the LADWP says there is no cost-effective means to get rid of them that would not also kill other animals living in the water.
Currently, the Metropolitan Water District in Southern California is attempting to repair millions of dollars worth of damage to its water system caused by the invasive species.
Beginning Friday, Klondike will be open seven days a week, with a one-hour check-in period from 9-10 a.m. each day.
Those who plan to boat on Klondike in the evening will be welcome to check in and have their boat inspected in the morning and store their vessel at the lake until the evening time.
Since announcing that it would be requiring all vessels on Klondike to be inspected for quagga mussels, the LADWP has worked closely with a citizen group and other residents to create a workable schedule for inspections and lake access.
After attempting several different schedules, the LADWP decided last July that the best option is to allow entry to the lake for one hour a day, seven days a week.
“All watercraft must still be inspected for invasive mussels before being launched into Klondike, and boat inspections will be done at the lake entrance gate only,” a press release from the LADWP states.
In previous years, the LADWP required residents to have their vessels inspected at the LADWP office before heading out to the lake. This year, residents will be required to pre-purchase a daily use inspection receipt or a season pass at the LADWP headquarters on Mandich Street in Bishop.
“Klondike Lake gate inspectors will not handle any sales or cash at the gate,” the press release states.
The LADWP office will be open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. for residents to purchase their boat inspection receipts.
The charge for a single inspection is $10, but those who know they will be utilizing Klondike as much as possible this summer have the option of purchasing season passes that will be good all summer long. The cost for a season pass is $100 for the first vessel, $50 for the second and $25 for each additional vessel.

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