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July 30th, 2012

Pair arrested for grand theft auto

July 30, 2012

A routine traffic stop Thursday morning resulted in the arrest of two Lancaster residents and the recovery of a stolen vehicle.
According to Bishop Police Department Public Information Officer Katie Coffman, an officer stopped Ryan William Dunham, 33 and Charity Leeann Swagler, 34, at about 11:13 a.m. for a “minor” infraction involving a defective windshield.
While running the driver, Swangler, and vehicle information, officers were advised by dispatch that the vehicle, a 2002 Mercedes, had been reported stolen out of the Lancaster area more than a month ago.

Council seeks balance on invocation issue

July 30, 2012

City leaders took a look at First Amendment rights Monday and decided to update Bishop’s policy on pre-meeting prayers to ensure the city is not at risk of being sued for its traditional invocations.
City Attorney Peter Tracy said that several cities in California have been threatened with lawsuits over invocations being given at the start of government meetings. The threats have come from a group that is attempting to ensure the First Amendment is being practiced in local government.

July 26th

Music for the masses

July 26, 2012


Collective Language, a youth-driven effort to promote artwork in the Owens Valley, will be returning to the Wünüt Novi Youth Center this Friday.

Keeping prescription drug use under control

July 26, 2012

There is an increasingly pervasive threat lurking in medicine cabinets throughout the community. Abuse of commonly found prescription drugs is leading people to hospitals, rehab, criminal court and even to the grave. Fortunately, preventative information and recovery treatment are available – and those topics will be discussed at an upcoming, local prescription medication abuse symposium.

Bishop on board with Adventure Trails

July 26, 2012

Bishop leaders took the first step towards approving a system of roads inside the city limits that will be available to off-highway vehicles.
The City Council approved a draft map of local streets and roads that could be used for the proposed Adventure Trails system, which will allow green-sticker OHV’s with licensed drivers to travel up to 10 miles on paved roads to travel between OHV recreation areas and amenities in town.

July 24th

Local exhibit turning heads at State Fair

July 24, 2012

California State Fair judges have selected Inyo County’s exhibit for honors once again based on its appeal to visitors.
This year’s exhibit theme, “I Wish …,” provides an opportunity for nine local exhibit volunteers to teach residents from all over the state that if they ever wished to be a cowboy or a movie star, an angler or an archeologist – or just about anything else – Inyo County is the star they can wish upon to make their dreams come true.

Inyo joins rural county lobbying group

July 24, 2012

Inyo County is teaming up with about 25 other state and county entities to strengthen its voice in the federal arena.
County leaders met last week with Ken Brown, a representative of the Western Counties Alliance, to discuss how membership with the organization can help Inyo in its endeavors.
“There is strength in numbers,” Brown said. “We work closely with the Farm Bureau and the Cattlemen’s Association so we can go after issues in a hurry when we need to.”

Youth learn life skills, help improve community through IMACA program

July 24, 2012

This summer, the Owens Valley is seeing community garden improvements, construction of year-round green houses and Wilderness Area revitalization – all thanks to local teens who are weathering summer’s searing rays and furnace-blast winds.

July 23rd

BP Fire Safe Council gaining momentum

July 23, 2012

At Monday’s fifth meeting of the Big Pine Fire Safe Council, residents learned just how close the bullet the community dodged on Saturday, July 7 actually came.
The large turnout, perhaps spurred on by two consecutive Saturdays of brush fires in or near the town, also began to come together with the first small steps in protecting themselves and their homes from the constant threat of wildland fires.

Residents rally to save Indy Kids Club

July 23, 2012

Citizens in Independence are rallying to save what they’re calling one of the best – and only – summer youth programs in their community.
On Tuesday evening at the Kids Club in Independence, a dozen local, concerned parents and community members met with Healthy Communities Board President Jaque Hickman and Vice President Lis Mazzu to discuss fundraising efforts to keep the club, which is located on the campus of the Owen Valley School, open for local youth.
The Kids Club offers afterschool homework assistance, supervised play and healthy snacks for local, school-aged youth.


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