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Archive - Jul 2013

July 16th

What’s in a name?

July 16, 2013

Change is coming to the Lone Pine Airport – the kind of change that local officials hope will help aviators identify the region they are in and the activities that are available when they fly into Lone Pine.
The Lone Pine Airport will be renamed the Lone Pine-Death Valley Airport. Local officials and a group of Lone Pine residents said Tuesday the new name will help tourists, especially foreign tourists, identify Lone Pine as a gateway to Death Valley.

July 15th

MediCal Managed Care is coming to Inyo County

July 15, 2013

Inyo County Health and Human Services/Eastern Sierra Area Agency on Aging will be sponsoring several community presentations about the two new Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans, HHS/Eastern Sierra Area Agency on Aging Director Jean Turner said.

New coming attractions for Lone Pine Museum

July 15, 2013

Beginning this Saturday, there is even more for community members and visitors to see at the Lone Pine Film History Museum.
Museum Director and former president and CEO of Republic Pictures Bob Sigman announced Monday that he completed a licensing negotiation with Swank Motion Pictures, Inc., one of three companies that handles film licensing for major studios, that will allow the museum’s theater to screen new-release DVDs for the community.
Swank provides both public performance licensing rights and licensed movies to numer-

July 12th

Shirley Mae Summers

July 12, 2013

Shirley Mae Summers

Shirley Mae Kellner “Summers” was born Sept. 25, 1937 in Darwin. She loved this small mining town where she grew up and always talked of wonderful memories of her life there.
At the age of 6, Shirley learned to play the piano. She was well known for her musical talent of being a great pianist and was able to play any style of music. With this God-given talent, Shirley used this gift during her years of being a minister. She was a loving mother, sister, auntie, grandmother, great grandmother and friend.

Faster Internet coming soon

July 12, 2013

Digital 395, the high-speed Internet project that will improve connections from Barstow to Reno, is nearing the last leg but unexpected delays may hold completion for another month.
The project was scheduled to be completed by July 31, but managers said the company building the fiber-optic backbone, Praxis Associates, said some permits from the U.S. Forest Service have yet to be issued, and some communities, including Inyo’s towns along the U.S. 395 corridor, probably won’t be completed until mid- or late August.

Sheriff clarifies parking rules

July 12, 2013

Inyo County Sheriff Bill Lutze has asked for – and received – an amendment to the local vehicle code regulating long-term parking on county roads.
The amendment that the Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday means that local rules for parking vehicles on county and state highways will remain the same: vehicles left parked for more than 10 days can be towed away.
However, Lutze explained Tuesday that the county ordinance dealing with prolonged parking actually cited the wrong state vehicle code.

Communities sold on annual Junior Livestock Show and Auction

July 12, 2013

Eastern Sierra Future Farmers of America and 4-H Club student agriculturists are once again showing their hand-raised livestock and showmanship skills at the 2013 Junior Livestock Show through Saturday, July 13 at the Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fairgrounds in Bishop.
The show features 179 Inyo, Mono, Douglas and Alpine county student exhibitors, ages 5-19, and plenty of market class livestock – 81 hogs, 16 beef, 65 lambs, 86 turkeys and six rabbits – as well as a goat and chicken stock, said Fair Secretary Rebecca Bragdon. See page 3 for a complete schedule of events.

July 11th

An update on Inyo filming

July 11, 2013

Filming in Inyo County appears to have slowed down over the past 12 months, but Film Commissioner Chris Langley said Tuesday that he expects it to pick back up.
Langley said he does not have an estimate about how many films or commercials shot in Inyo County over the past year. “I can’t recall the permits from the different agencies (that issue film permits, including the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service) because the people who issue the permits are being shifted around. But we haven’t been as busy as in years past, I suspect.”

July 10th

07.12.2013 almost here

July 10, 2013

Will you be at work – repairing cars, patrolling local streets, preparing meals, selling supplies, landscaping yards, entering data into computers?
Will you be at home – cleaning out the garage, mowing the lawn, relaxing on the couch, playing in the pool, doing never-ending loads of laundry, reading in the hammock, painting the fence out back?
Will you be on the road – en route to a concert, a family reunion, a mother-daughter shopping trip or father-son camping/ffishing adventure, a doctor’s appointment, a rendezvous with a long-lost friend?

Sidewalk art to be woven into project

July 10, 2013

The multi-faceted Warren Street Improvement Project has an ongoing sidewalk art section which, if all goes according to plan, will be a continuous flow of related themes that celebrate the Eastern Sierra, past and present.
Artist Charles Milligan is working with the Warren project collaborators, Andy Holmes, owner of Triad/Holmes Associates and Matt Schober, Triad’s Warren Street engineer. “We’re doing a narrative for the street, a flow system for all six blocks, that incorporates many themes.”

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