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Archive - Jul 2, 2013


The boys and girls of summer

July 2, 2013

There is a group of young men and women, many just boys and girls, for whom summer is an eagerly anticipated season. They are known in Spanish as “salvavidas” or “Savior of life”; we call them “lifeguards” in the United States. Remarkably for such an important role, they are mostly young people with an average age of only 16, and most are paid minimum wage or slightly higher.

Death Valley temps soar to 129ºF

July 2, 2013

Death Valley National Park turned into a tourist and media hot-spot this past weekend as the park’s famous thermometer soared.
With near record-setting temperatures forecast throughout the West last weekend, visitors from all over the world traveled to Death Valley to see if a new world record would be set in what’s already considered the hottest place on Earth.

Inyo prepares to celebrate Fourth of July

July 2, 2013

In a letter to wife Abigail about the advent of independence in the American colonies, John Adams wrote, “I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the Day of Deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other from this time forward forever more.”
– “John Adams” by David McCullough

William Gogesch

July 2, 2013

William Gogesch

William Gogesch, 94, a resident of Bishop for five years and a former resident of Poland, was born in Campbell, Ohio on May 19, 1919. He passed away on June 14, 2013 at 2:35 a.m.

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